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CBC Junior Secondary Offering at Nova Pioneer with Day and Boarding option

We are thrilled to announce that all of Nova Pioneer’s day and boarding schools will now offer CBC Junior Secondary. For our families, this will provide accessibility, flexibility, and optionality.

Grade 7 enrollment will be available in all six of our schools in January 2023. In the years following that, subsequent CBC grades will be added for progression purposes – for example, Grade 8 will be added from 2024.


What options are available at each of our campuses?


Day School Options;
  • Nova Pioneer Day School – Tatu City
  • Nova Pioneer Day School – Athi River
Boarding School Options;
  • Nova Pioneer Boys Boarding School- Tatu City
  • Nova Pioneer Girls Boarding School- Tatu City
  • Nova Pioneer Boys Boarding School- Eldoret
  • Nova Pioneer Girls Boarding School- Eldoret

The Ministry of Education continues to provide schools with information and direction on gradually phasing out the 8-4-4 curriculum across Kenya, our 8-4-4 students will be supported in their present schools


Why are we excited about the CBC Curriculum?

  • Learning outcomes in CBC are designed to ensure that learners demonstrate skills learned, mastery of these skills and demonstration of attitude and values. 
  • CBC emphasises the importance of the application of skills and knowledge that students have learnt. This ensures that learning is meaningful and relatable.

How is Nova Pioneer preparing for The Transition into CBC?

 1. Teacher Training 

Our teachers are currently undertaking professional development sessions to complement the training from the Teachers Service Commission and The Ministry of Education. 

In addition to the training provided by the Ministry of Education and the Teachers Service Commission, our teachers are actively participating in professional development seminars. We shall keep incorporating elements of innovation and leadership that Nova Pioneer is known for, into the way we deliver the curriculum.

2.  Facilities

School facilities are being extended and improved to best cater to the addition of Junior Secondary CBC grades.

Our leadership team has been developing plans over the past year to best meet the extended requirements of the CBC transition, and they are currently working on the implementation. While maintaining the high Nova Pioneer standards, we are planning for the additional requirements incorporating  transportation needs, food needs, and boarding facilities.

3. Supporting Grade 7 students in their transition to Boarding School

Our single-gender boarding schools catering to Junior Secondary for boys or girls will have a dedicated Dorm mother for the girls’ schools and a Dorm father for the boys’ schools. The Dorm mother and father will be specifically assigned to support our Grade 7 students to adjust to boarding life both at our Tatu City campuses and Eldoret campuses. 

We also have school counsellors and nurses in all our schools who will work with the Deans of Students, Dorm Mothers and Dorm Fathers to offer a vibrant student life, guidance and counselling to our students as they adjust to a new phase in their education, environment and to co-exist with the senior students. 

We are excited to take the lead in the transformation and look forward to it.

Learn more about CBC Junior Secondary at Nova Pioneer here

Enrol your child in Grade 7 at any of our Nova Pioneer day or boarding schools by clicking here 

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