A day in the life of a Nova Pioneer Boys student

Rise and Shine

At 5:30am its time to wake up, shower, and prep for day! Students ensure that their rooms are tidy and that their beds are made. By 6:15am students are in the dining hall, partaking in a heart classic breakfast, which consists of bread, tea, and the fruit of the season.

At 6:30am, students head on to their respective homerooms to prep for the day. They then check in with their home room teacher, who ensures the all-round well-being of the students. Then at 7:00am students gather for Baraza where they have the chance to discuss what is going on in school, celebrate achievements, and also make and listen to announcements. At 7:30am, students participate in a life and leadership skills class, where they learn about self-awareness, tactics for approaching challenges, and how to develop their talents and abilities.

Morning Classes

At Nova, we focus on equipping our graduates with the 21st century skills that they will need to lead and succeed – and technology is an important component of that. Each student gets their own computer that they use for various classes and activities, but in Computer Class students learn everything from the how central processing unit (CPU) works to how programmers design apps and code.


After a rigorous morning, what could be better than a wholesome meal? At 1:00pm, Students gather in the dining hall for a nutritious meal. Mealtimes are not only a chance to eat and catch up with friends, but also a chance to debate and share goals and challenges. On Wednesdays we debate in Kiswahili, while on Fridays each student discusses a challenge that he faced during the week; at Nova we see learning to face challenges as key to developing the resilience needed to be successful.

Afternoon Classes

Math, Kiswahili & Physics. Equations, Tamathali za lugha & Gravity. These are some of the things that occupy the students’ academic afternoon, starting at 1:45pm. Deep logic in Maths, a keen attention to ngeli, and aspects of scientific research keep the young men on their toes for the better part of this time. Nova students work collaboratively in teams, so that as they are learning the content they are also sharpening their interpersonal and leadership skills.

Clubs and Sports

Nova emphasizes on the importance of an all-rounded person, so from 4:30pm – 6:00pm all of our students participate in sports and the various clubs on campus. On the weekends, students have time to focus on entrepreneurial projects during “innovation time”, where they can work alone or in groups to design businesses and interesting projects, or continue their club activities – like writing for a blog (journalism) or building a drone (engineering).

Dinner, Prayer and Prep

During dinner, which starts at 6:30pm, students talk to their table-mates about the day. Their chatter usually involves what they are learning in class, in their clubs, or how their sports team performed that day. Then at 7:00pm, its time for personal prayer time, and prep. Academic excellence, personal advancement, and spiritual growth are all key to nurturing our students’ holistic development. Despite having organised prayer time (Friday for Muslims, Saturday for Seventh Day Adventists, and Sunday for other denominations), we have time secluded daily from 7:00pm – 7:15pm for students so as to encourage their spiritual growth. Then, from 7:15 – 9:00pm its time for academic prep. Students take time to review their notes, finish homework, and do some self-study after the day’s activities. They also use this time to identify academic areas in which they may be having issues with, so as to notify the respective teacher of the difficulty.

Bed Prep and Lights Out

Be it brushing their teeth, polishing their shoes, or even laying out their uniform for tomorrow, students get ready for bed. After an exhausting day full of thought-provoking and energetic activities, students turn their lights off for a good night’s sleep at 9:30pm.

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