A day in the life of a Nova Pioneer Primary Student

Morning Meeting

Each day commences with a morning meeting where learners and teachers are welcomed into the classroom. These meetings set the tone for each day, develop classroom culture and build a sense of community. Morning meetings also provide rich opportunities to cover literacy and numeracy concepts.

Literacy and Numeracy Cycles

Literacy and numeracy is taught through a cyclical approach which sees learning rotate from problem solving activities, to teaching time and individual skills practice (blended learning).

Problem Solving Activities

These challenge children to think, seek answers and evaluate different solutions – whilst learning to work in teams with their peers.Teachers wrap-up problem solving by having students share their answers with each other during teaching time– both the correct and incorrect answers, reflecting on the different approaches used and consolidating the best ways to tackle similar tasks in future. Skills learned are then practiced individually during blended learning sessions.

Reflection Meeting

A problem shared is a problem halved. Difficult challenges and questions faced while learners work on activities related to their Investigations are brought to reflection meeting. Here, the whole class gets involved in solving problems encountered by an investigation group. Together they brainstorm, debate and plan how to implement solutions together.

Work Centres

Classrooms are set up with various activity centres: Children engage their imaginations and learn facts through fiction and non-fiction books in thereading area; the process of putting ideas and thoughts on paper is encouraged at the writing centre; at dramatic play children make sense of the world around them through role playing activities; pre-literacy skills, hand-eye coordination, fine motor movement, and other age appropriate life skills are developed at the practical life table; and mathematical concepts around quantity, size, fractions, weight, length, height etc. are explored in the construction area. These are a few examples of the work centres found in our pre-primary and primary school classrooms.

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