Midrand School Team

Midrand School Team

Jeanine Kerr

Jeanine Kerr

School Leader, NP Midrand

A Note from Our Head of School

Why did you choose Nova Pioneer?

As an educator, the Learning Model is very important to me. It is vital that our children are being prepared to work in a future beyond what we think is possible.  The fact that we enable students to engage actively in what is happening in the classroom. They are led to develop knowledge, they learn to question, develop hypotheses, research and evaluate information. Learning is real, exploratory and a whole lot of fun! It also goes beyond that,  Nova Pioneer strives to build character and values through our Culture Principles. Throughout my teaching career, my aim has always been to develop the whole child and have a positive influence on every aspect of their development. Growing children this way is deeply rewarding!

What is the most important factor that a Nova Pioneer education can contribute to a child’s future?

We cannot teach as we did in the past when developing the future of our young people. Our learning model gives students the opportunity to build critical thinking skills, the curiosity to question, space to innovate and guidance to develop leadership. The way we teach builds collaborative skills and the ability to work in teams. We live in a digital age where information is freely available – the most important skill we can give our students is the ability to research, evaluate information and synthesise it innovatively to form something new. From that platform, the ability to create new ideas is but a step away. In this way, we are developing young people that will be at the frontier of new developments in every field – sciences, arts, business and beyond.

What is your philosophy on growing leaders and innovators

Too often we think of leadership as being associated with power and status. Or we believe that leaders are born – and not made. However, I don’t believe either of those pretexts. Leadership is about setting a vision of where to go and how to get there. A servant leader does this with others in mind, growing people and leading by example.  Leadership skills can be taught and developed from a young age – and we have the responsibility to ensure that we pass leadership to people who can lead with integrity and vision.

Innovation is a mindset fueled by curiosity that seeks out possibilities and solutions. It is about doing things differently – thinking out of the box to produce better solutions for new challenges.

When leadership and innovation meet, you can change the world, and that is what we want for our students!


Jeanine Kerr

Head of School