Pre-Primary Building Blocks


In investigations, the natural curiosity of the student is engaged to create rich learning opportunities, where the teacher is the co-collaborator and learner along with the students. Students are invited to ask “why”, to share theories, discuss possibilities, and research and investigate outcomes in groups and with teachers. Teachers then link the students explorations to the curriculum to enhance the students’ understanding of core material.


Collaboration is an essential 21st century skill and developing it starts early. Our lessons are designed to foster frequent discussion, debate, and group problem solving. The intentional arrangement of the classroom space encourages the development of collaboration and relationship skills Nova Pioneer students will rely on throughout their lives. 

Individualized Attention

Often a single classroom will be supported by two teachers, with resident and support teachers working collegially in a classroom to engage small groups and provide individualized attention. The teachers work collaboratively amongst student groups to facilitate critical thinking and share reflections. Teachers then work in tandem to document the thinking and theories of the students, which improves our ability to tailor the approach to each individual student.

Joy of Learning

Nova Pioneer develops students who are life-long learners, and that love for learning starts early. We ensure that students are exposed to the best materials and that they engage with that content in a way that nurtures their interest and understanding. While we hold a high standard for all of our learners, we provide an environment that is customized to the individual – those who are excelling have opportunities to push further, while students requiring extra attention receive the assistance that they need so that they do not fall behind.

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