Secondary Building Blocks

Global Exposure

After graduation, our students will be working and engaging in a world that requires they collaborate with counterparts from across the globe. At Nova Pioneer, we prepare our students for this future by ensuring that they have exposure to working with other students from Silicon Valley to Taiwan. Nova Pioneer students engage in international projects with peers in other countries to share data and ideas. Students also get the opportunity to meet with leaders in business, government, the arts, and technology to learn more about the opportunities that await them after school.

Technology in Education

At Nova Pioneer, we incorporate the use of technology in meaningful way throughout the learner’s experience. Teachers utilise videos, images, and real-world data demonstrations to apply and review course material. To make the material come to life, students play interactive games and participate in virtual labs to apply and review course material. Nova Pioneer students learn real-world use of software and hardware through creating professional presentations, writing reports, and designing code.

Exploration & Inquiry

Exploration is the core of every single classroom at Nova Pioneer. Teachers spend more time asking “why” than telling students “what”. Students first explore information on their own with guided questions, allowing them to draw their own connections with the course material. This solidifies their understanding of the course information, because they’ve not only heard or read it, but they’ve discovered the answer on their own.


Our students have dedicated time each week in which they learn new methods for solving real-world problems by using creative approaches and uses of technology. These sessions are student-led and teacher guided with students choosing their own topics to explore and proposing their own unique solutions. Students work from ideation, through prototyping, eventually building their solutions and in some cases deploying them on the campus and beyond.

Multi-Disciplinary Projects

Each term, students complete group projects in which they apply their knowledge and problem-solving skills from multiple courses towards investigating, researching, and presenting information and findings on a particular topic. These projects include topics such as urban planning & transportation, ancient societies and innovations throughout history, biodiversity and human impacts, and water quality and conservation. By exploring these topics, students are able to combine ideas and approaches from different subjects, allowing them to engage in the multi-disciplinary thinking that will prepare them for environments where the cross-pollination of ideas leads to success.

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