Professional Development


Professional Development


We believe in offering careers not jobs.

Professional growth doesn’t happen by accident. It takes commitment and intent but is worth every challenge and every stretch experience because it continually unlocks motivation and excellence. How do we go about this at Nova Pioneer?


Set stretch goals

At the beginning of every year all Novaneers complete a “Growth Blueprint” on which they identify the skills, competencies and culture principles they want to develop and how they are uniquely going to contribute to the Nova Pioneer mission.


Intentional coaching & feedback

Novaneers meet with their manager frequently to discuss how their growth journey is unfolding. For our teaching Novaneers we even have dedicated “Deans of Instruction” whose core purpose is to help teachers become better in their practice through bi-weekly class observations and in-the-moment, actionable feedback.


Meaningful opportunities to grow

Novaneers don’t need to wait for opportunities to come to them, they create them for themselves. Novaneers have spearheaded initiatives both inside and outside of the classroom from sharing innovative student learning experiences across the network to developing a wellness programme to support the health and wellbeing of our teammates.


Termly reviews & reflection

Each term, Novaneers stop to reflect on their growth to date. Through 360 degree feedback from self, managers and peers, there is a wealth of information at their fingertips to reflect on strengths and areas for improvement. They are supported by close mentorship and accountability from managers to help them stay on track.

"Because I have regular check-ins with the Dean of Instruction, who coaches me not only in aspects of the classroom but also on how to progress within the organisation, I know that whatever I do does not go unnoticed. These check-ins also provide me with opportunity to reflect on my teaching and on how I deal with others within the organisation. In this way, if I am struggling with something, I can reflect on it and make changes where necessary. Under the guidance of my coach, I know that I am never alone."

Sameerah Mahomed, Nova Pioneer Ormonde, South Africa