Our campus caters to families seeking the Kenya National Curriculum. We are actively enrolling for the 2024 academic year from Playgroup to Grade 8.

Nova Pioneer Athi River

Our campus caters to families seeking the Kenya National Curriculum. We are actively enrolling for the 2024 academic year from Playgroup to Grade 8.

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Our students

The natural curiosity of the student is engaged to create rich learning opportunities, where the teacher is the co-collaborator along with the student. Students are invited to ask “why”, to share theories, discuss possibilities, and research outcomes in groups and with teachers.

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Athi River Campus

Strategically located near the Great Wall Apartments in Athi River, this campus was developed on, 5 acres of property. Phase 1 of the Athi River campus was completed at the start of the school year in 2019 and houses students from pre-school through to grade 3. Two more phases will be constructed over the next three years. The newly built school includes a modern classroom set-up with technology that enhances learning as well as grounds for sports and extra-curricular activities.

The school uses the Kenyan National Curriculum but takes a unique approach to teaching and learning. Classes are hands-on, interactive and student-centered, which means that the teacher guides the student to discover solutions themselves, rather than simply telling a student how to solve the problem. Each student is given individual attention to ensure that their unique talents and abilities are being uncovered and strengthened.

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The school provides all students with meals and this is not optional. There is a weekly meal plan that we adhere to. Having children eat a similar meal also helps manage allergies and hypersensitivity to foods for all children. If your child requires a special diet, please let the school leadership know and we shall work towards a solution.

Co- & Extra-curricular

Extra-curricular activities are available for all grades, and are selected on a termly basis giving every student the chance to try something new. Some of our activities may include (and not limited to): gymnastics, swimming, football, ballet, music, tae-kwo-ndo, dance, art, drama, skating, french and scouts.

In-house Counsellor

We have a qualified educational therapist on the premises daily. The therapist has experience working with kids with learning issues and can teach kids skills and strategies to help them manage their learning difficulties and improve schoolwork.

Inside a Nova Pioneer Classroom

Learning looks and feels a little bit different at Nova Pioneer. From how the classrooms are designed, to the language our students and teachers use in the classroom, and even down to the behaviors our students exemplify. However, as a parent you may be wondering what it is that differentiates us from other schools? Perhaps you’re wondering what the inside of a Nova Pioneer classroom really looks like?

Enhancing learning through Academic Competitions

Enhanced Learning at Nova Pioneer

Any school setup is made up of students who are gifted differently. As a result, our teachers always task themselves with ensuring each student is challenged through a wide range of activities that cater to all these different ability levels in the classroom. At Nova pioneer, we use different methods to enhance learning outside the classroom. Read more...

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Raising Children Who Thrive

Do you have a set of principles for your family that defines the desirable characteristics to help your child thrive while attending school? At Nova Pioneer, we believe that our students will grow up to shape the world and for them to grow into thriving adults, we are intentional about developing our students in three ways; character, capabilities and connection.

A resolve to delve in different waters as a parent led me to enrol my son Andrew as a Pioneer Student at Nova. I have never regretted the decision and Andrew has become an astute, confident risk leader embracing new dimensions in his day to day life. He has achieved so much in his four years at Nova Pioneer. He has endeavoured to be the best in all he does. Indeed he has become a super soaring eagle better than the mother eagle in me.

Dolphina Alego, Nova Pioneer Parent

Over the last two years our daughter has come of age in many ways. First is her belief that she can do anything as long as she puts in honest effort. Two, she is self-driven both in and outside of the classroom - pushing her grades up, excited to debate, learning basketball, co-starting a club, vying for student leadership as well as searching for and applying to various institutions across the world looking to engage with young people. Third, she has grown in confidence - she owns her voice and is unafraid to use it. We couldn't have made a better choice for our daughter.

Njeri Gitonga, Nova Pioneer Parent

Since joining Nova Pioneer, my daughter has developed a solutions first approach. She is very intentional on coming up with solutions to various challenges and we discuss them together. She is also very proud of her developing leadership skills which she practices at home with family and friends.

Jacqueline Mwaura, Nova Pioneer Parent
Joy Wanangwe
Joy Wanangwe, Admissions Associate

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We know how daunting the school admissions process can be and that is why we strive to make ours as seamless and simple as possible. Luckily for those carrying out this process at our Athi River Campus, our dedicated Admissions Associate, Joy, is here to guide every parent and student to make this experience as painless as possible. Once you have put through an application, Joy will get in touch to start your journey with us.

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