Our campus caters to families seeking the Kenya National Curriculum. We are processing applications for 2024 CBC Junior School Grade 7 and Grade 8, and 8-4-4 Form 1 to Form 3.

Nova Pioneer Tatu City Boys

Our campus caters to families seeking the Kenya National Curriculum. We are processing applications for 2024 CBC Junior School Grade 7 and Grade 8, and 8-4-4 Form 1 to Form 3.

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CBC and 8-4-4 Curriculum
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Our students

At Nova Pioneer, we want all our students to know they can achieve results far beyond what they thought was possible. To this regard, students  are given the opportunity to work with other students from across the continent, and around the world. They engage in multi-disciplinary projects with peers in other countries to share data and ideas, and learn from one another. We support all students to unlock their individual interests and passions. 

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The school team

Located on a sprawling 10 – Acre property at the heart of Tatu – City in Kiambu County, Nova Pioneer Boys High School has a current student population of 540 who are all full boarders.

The Nova Pioneer approach to teaching and learning is not what you find at other 8-4-4 schools. Classes are hands-on and interactive, and classrooms are student-centered, which means that the teacher guides the student to discover solutions themselves, rather than simply telling a student how to solve the problem.

Nova Pioneer students have also recorded great performance in inter-school sports competitions where they have featured in the top 3 within the county of Kiambu against seasoned heavyweights in sports such as football, rugby and basketball. Some of their students also represent Kenya in the National Swimming team and have won Gold in regional competitions.

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Extra-curricular activities are available for all grades, and are selected on a termly basis giving every student the chance to try something new. Activities may include (and are not limited to) basketball, football, swimming, lawn tennis, rugby, debate & Model UN and Computer and HTML, etc. This will include the opportunity to compete tournaments with other schools.


Our Catering team is well aware of the stage our students are in and this is incorporated in their menu. Since we do not allow the students with snacks from outside, we provide them with a total of seven meals within the day from breakfast, to lunch, dinner and evening tea. Each main meal is accompanied with the fruit in season.


Our Secondary School has a full time cousellor and school chaplain. Counseling is designed to facilitate student achievement, improve student behavior and attendance, and help students develop socially. Our counsellors support students who are experiencing personal or academic challenges.

Preparing your Teenager for Boarding School

Whether a student is joining a new school in the middle of the year or joining at the start of a new school year, this has an impact on both the parent and the student. Here are a few pointers that could be helpful to assist your child in easing into a boarding school.

Global Exposure

Today’s students have an exceptional array of options available to them after completing high school, but the path to post-secondary success is filled with uncertainty and challenges. Nova Pioneer has a Post-School Success programme that provides students with exposure to diverse post-secondary opportunities.

Roles of Parents in their Child's Education During and After COVID-19

Parents play a pivotal role in shaping the character of children as they grow towards adulthood. As a parent and teacher, I am convinced that the COVID-19 period presents the opportunity for parents to be engaged in the lives of their children like never before. So how can parents support the education of their children during this time and even after schools re-open?

Our children have had the wonderful benefit of attending Nova pioneer Athi Campus since January 2019. The caring staff at this institution carry out their responsibilities in caring, nurturing and educating the children to a standard of excellence that we feel would not be easily found within the industry. 

Children are treated, without exception, with kindness and respect, each child is made to feel so valued and important. As a parent, we have always found the lines of communication between the staff at Nova pioneer and parents open at all times. My sons have gained so much confidence during their time.it is so wonderful to see them  growing in confidence and excellence. The level of care and dedication displayed by the entire Nova Team is second to none.


Caroline Mutinda, Nova Pioneer Parent

Since joining Nova Pioneer, my daughter has developed a solutions first approach. She is very intentional on coming up with solutions to various challenges and we discuss them together. She is also very proud of her developing leadership skills which she practices at home with family and friends.

Jacqueline Mwaura, Nova Pioneer Parent

Over the last two years our daughter has come of age in many ways. First is her belief that she can do anything as long as she puts in honest effort. Two, she is self-driven both in and outside of the classroom - pushing her grades up, excited to debate, learning basketball, co-starting a club, vying for student leadership as well as searching for and applying to various institutions across the world looking to engage with young people. Third, she has grown in confidence - she owns her voice and is unafraid to use it. We couldn't have made a better choice for our daughter.

Njeri Gitonga, Nova Pioneer Parent
Elishamark Gitei
Elishamark Gitei, Admissions Associate

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