Students are inspired to become adaptive, independent thinkers

Students are inspired to become adaptive, independent thinkers

Nova Pioneer Boys Secondary – Tatu City

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Kenya National Curriculum

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When I came to Nova, I was taught that I should always question, ideate, explore, analyze – and now I’ve learned it’s important to question. So when you get that idea – you explore it!

David Aringo, Nova Pioneer Student

School Leadership

Our diverse learning team comes from some of the best institutions for learning in Kenya, and around the world. We are incredibly selective in recruiting top talent, and only about 5% of teachers that apply are given an offer to join the team. The Nova Pioneer approach to teaching and learning is not what you find at other 8-4-4 schools. Classes are hands-on and interactive, and classrooms are student-centered, which means that the teacher guides the student to discover solutions themselves, rather than simply telling a student how to solve the problem. All of our teachers undergo rigorous training before ever teaching a class at Nova Pioneer, and this professional development continues throughout the year.

, Head of School, NP Kenya Boys Secondary

Charles Tsuma

Head of School, NP Kenya Boys Secondary

A Day in the Life

Today’s youth will encounter a future that will look and work differently than the world does today, and that will continue to evolve during their lifetime. At Nova Pioneer, our learning experience ensures that we’re preparing our students to shape and lead that future, not simply work in it. We know that our students will have different passions, interests, and talents, and we will work closely with each individual student as they continue to develop their unique abilities. Nova Pioneer empowers all of our students to uncover their personal potential, and sets them up for post-secondary success.

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