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Nova Pioneer School Buildings Help Facilitate Learning

A distinguishing feature of Nova Pioneer can be seen in how we make the learning student-centred, to encourage student voice and critical thinking, and to encourage collaboration amongst students. This is evident in our enquiry-based method of teaching, as well as in the physical spaces in which this learning occurs.  

The school’s academic team works very closely with the Nova Pioneer Property Company in defining how the schools look and feel. The continuous collaboration between the two ensures that the buildings helps facilitate the learning process for every Novaneer.

school buildings facilitate learning


Space for Free Play 

We are intentional about creating the kind of space that encourages collaboration between students and allows for rich exploration through free play. 

Free play is unstructured, voluntary, child-initiated activity that allows children to develop their imaginations while exploring and experiencing the world around them. 

It is the spontaneous play that comes from children’s natural curiosity, love of discovery, and enthusiasm.

Teacher-student classroom engagement


Light and Space

We believe in transparency in everything that we do. This is represented in the design of our buildings through the use of a lot of glass to further reinforce this. We utilise natural lighting techniques in our design of the classrooms. This not only saves on energy but it also creates a productive and joyful atmosphere for our students.

Nova Pioneer Classroom Layout


Learning on the playground

The facilities and playground are also considered as part of the school’s learning experience.

Sensory playgrounds integrate fun and engaging playground equipment that all children can enjoy, and provides an interactive environment that facilitates a physical, social and sensory experience that everyone can share together.

A sensory playground is one that contains playground equipment/elements that stimulate one of the seven senses – touch, movement, smell, taste, sight, hearing and balance.

nova pioneer playground

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