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Day Option For Junior School Now Available At Eldoret Campuses!

Education plays a pivotal role in shaping your child’s future. This reality makes selecting the right school environment a crucial decision for a parent or guardian. While boarding schools have their merits, day schools also present many advantages.

In line with offering a variety of options to serve more of our families, Nova Pioneer is launching a day school option for Junior School in the city of champions, Eldoret. We currently have two campuses in Eldoret, a Girls’ Secondary School, and a separate Boys’ Secondary School dedicated to impacting the next generation of leaders and innovators.

Three Reasons To Enrol Your Child At Nova Pioneer’s Junior School Day Option in Eldoret 

Reduced Cost and Accessibility

Affordability is one of the reasons families are not able to access quality education. The Nova Pioneer Eldoret – Junior School Day option enables families who live in Eldoret to access quality education at a reduced cost due to the reduced boarding expenses. The money saved can be redirected to developing other aspects of your child, like specialized extracurricular activities.

Sense of Independence and Responsibility

We pride ourselves in developing responsible leaders and innovators who will shape the future and our learning model is student-centered, thus giving them the opportunity to explore what they know under the guidance of our teachers. A day school option will enhance their sense of responsibility and independence since they will have to balance the school assignments with daily family responsibilities and  personal interests. Your child will get to develop their organization skills and time management ability. This early practice will help them seamlessly transition into Senior High School and other higher learning institutions. 

Reduced Homesickness and Stress

Sometimes, it can be hard for your child to get accustomed to a boarding school environment. Unfortunately, getting a quality Junior Day school is an uphill task in most urban areas. Our day school option will help your child avoid dealing with high-stress levels caused by homesickness as a result of being in a boarding environment. A child that is not stressed has better mental health and will have a positive attitude toward academics. Thus, being able to develop as an all-round student.

If this is an option that interests you, reach out to Cosmas from our Admissions team via 0799453440.

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