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Let Nova Pioneer unlock a world of great opportunity for your bright star!

If the future is African, then we have the responsibility to prepare our future African leaders to meet the demands of a turning African century. 

Find Your Nova encompasses the mission for parents and students to explore the opportunities available to them at Nova Pioneer and beyond. The answer to the question of “what do you want to be when you grow up?” no longer needs to be a tough one for your child to respond to. At Nova Pioneer, our students have the confidence to see themselves with the potential to be anything that they want to be under the sun. We empower their imaginations to see themselves as future doctors, climate change activists, agriculturalists, and astronauts of their generation.

This is why when choosing a school for your child, it is important to ensure that the school can adequately inspire and equip your child for a world that doesn’t exist today. Our school develops skills such as critical thinking, life-long learning, problem-solving, curiosity and self-awareness through academic rigour, leadership, and enquiry-based learning. These are the fundamental skills that we at Nova Pioneer anticipate the future will essentially demand from your child.


Academic Excellence

Nova Pioneer exceeds high expectations on academic excellence for your child. Our students are challenged to critically interrogate and analyse content, investigate possible ideas and develop practical solutions that they can apply in their in-class activities, helping them achieve their academic goals.  

For our students to achieve academic success, our learning cycle involves learning to overcome the fear of failure, and the value of reflection, and feedback.

NPTB Alumni

Marclus, is an alumnus from Nova Pioneer Boys Secondary in Tatu City, whose dream is to become a prolific architect who will design eco-friendly and futuristic infrastructure in Africa. 

He achieved an A of 83 points in the 2022 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KSCE) examinations. With the support of Nova Pioneer’s teaching and post-school-support team, Marclus focused his high school journey on improving his artistic and design skills. 

Given his outstanding academic results, he received early admission offers from University of Southern Mississippi and Snow College with a scholarship of US$29,000. For students at Nova Pioneer, like Marclus, we believe that their future is bright!


Leaders and innovators that will shape the African century

We believe that every child has the potential to lead, thrive and shape the world they live in, and this can be achieved through our 3 C’s – Character, Capabilities and Connection. We develop students into the innovators and leaders that will shape the African century. 

Discover how Nova Pioneer can help you Find Your Nova:

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Are you already part of the Nova Pioneer community? 

You’ve found your Nova, now help others find theirs!

At Nova Pioneer, we know how important it is to build community. Who better to help us do this than our very own parents? As an existing Nova Pioneer parent, you could qualify for a 5% discount on your own child’s tuition, when a parent that you refer successfully enrolls their child at any of our Nova Pioneer campuses in Kenya.

In order to successfully enrol a referred student, the prospective parent must state that they were referred to Nova Pioneer by you (your first name and surname), when they fill in the online application form in the ‘How did you hear about us?’ section on our website. This is a mandatory requirement to be eligible for the discount.

As a current parent who wishes to refer a family, you can also complete this form with the details of the family you wish to refer and an Admissions teammate will reach out to them and assist them make a formal application for their child to join one of our Nova Pioneer campuses. 

There is no limit to the number of students a current parent can successfully refer and consecutively benefit. You will be entitled to a 5% discount per referral who successfully enrols.


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