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Innovating and Adapting Education to COVID-19 at Nova Pioneer

We all know too well about the proverbial first 100 days of a president’s assumption of office. Across the world, this is marked as a transitional period that sets the tone for the rest of his or her term. It is easy to predict how easy/hard the ride will be based on what is done within these key days.

It has been a few days over the 100 mark since our schools were closed as a result of the COVID-19 quarantine and lockdown measures across both Kenya and South Africa. A lot of us can agree that there’s something about the past 100 days that seemed to make time fly by so fast. Changes to how we live our lives have been implemented at record speed leaving us with the age-old question of how we are adapting to and adopting the changes. 

While change is set to be the only constant as we continue grappling with what our new normal will look like, it is an interesting time for the education sector across the world. As our key players: teachers, students and parents take stock of what the changes mean for the future and how we can continue to make sure that we are as prepared for the same.

Nova Pioneer Connect hosted a much-needed conversation on 26th June 2020 about how our Nova Pioneer community continues to respond to the times ahead with our Co-founder and Director, Christopher Khaemba, our Chief of Schools, Rahel Wondwossen, our Operations Leader for South Africa, Ofentse Lekwane, our students, Vahin (Grade 10, Nova Pioneer Senior School, Ormonde), Michelle (Form Three, Nova Pioneer Tatu Girls) and a parent Dr. Emily Too (Nova Pioneer Boys, Eldoret) the discussion centred around key lessons we have learned and how our South African team is handling the 2nd week of schools reopening.

Click on the link below to catch the rest of the conversation.

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