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Internet Safety Tips for Students

Internet safety is the knowledge of how to stay safe online by being aware of the nature of the possible threats that you could encounter while engaging in activities on the internet.

Students use the internet both at School and  at home. It is important for Students to be aware of the risks and drawbacks of the internet while benefiting from it.

Here are some tips for students on how to stay safe online.


Share with Care.

The internet never forgets.

Once something by or about you is online, it could be there forever.

Ensure you leave a positive digital footprint for future reference

Keep personal information private. This is information such as ; Your Email, Home address and phone number, Passwords, Your school work and other private documents.


Don’t Fall for Fake

Content found online isn’t necessarily true or reliable and could involve malicious efforts to steal personal information or identity.

To avoid falling for a fake, It’s important to ask yourself some questions before clicking on a shared link. Here are some questions you could ask; 

  • Does it look professional like other websites you know and trust, with the product’s or company’s usual logo.
  • Does the site’s URL match the product’s or company’s name and information you’re looking for
  • Are there any spam pop-ups?
  • Does the URL start with https://with a little green padlock to the left of it?
  • Does the message sound a little bit weird?
  • Is the email or site offering something that sounds too good to be true,like a chance to make a lot of money?( it’s almost too good to be true)

And what if you fall for a scam what do you do?

  • Tell your parent, teacher or other trusted adult right away
  • Change your passwords for online accounts.
  • Use settings to report the message as spam if possible.

Secure your Secrets

Protecting yourself, your info and your devices means doing simple smart things like screen locks, building strong passwords and ensuring you log out from devices, especially shared devices.

Strong passwords are based on a descriptive phrase or sentence that’s easy for you to remember and difficult for others to guess.


It’s Cool to Be Kind

Behind every username is a real person with real feelings. We should treat them as we would want to be treated.

Be kind while interacting with people online.

In the case where you find yourself as the target here’s what you should do ;Do not respond, Block the person and Report them.

In addition to using the app reporting tools, ask your teacher or your parents for assistance.


When in Doubt Talk it Out

Recognize that asking for help for oneself is a sign of strength.

Seek the guidance of the Teacher whenever in doubt of anything online.

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