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My Story: Interning at Nova Pioneer

Being able to secure an internship in the Nova Pioneer offices was a wonderful experience. I was able to learn what I am interested in which was Marketing. I chose marketing because I believe it fuels many successful companies and also it is perfect for me because I am decisive and strategic in almost everything that I do. Being able to work hand in hand with the marketing team taught me a number of things. 

Faizone, center (a Form 3 student at the Boys’ High School) with the Marketing team who he interned with during the April holiday.

Personally, I was able to understand how each and every individual in an organization plays a certain role. I learned how to communicate with people in a professional setting as well as represent myself in a professional and official manner. 

Through my internship experience, I was able to carry out various tasks. For instance, I carried out market research which was beneficial to the Nova Pioneer organization. I engaged in projects which I would present to the marketing team that gave me a sense of what it entails to be in an office set up. 

I learned how to approach problems and come up with solutions to the problems, this was evident by being given opportunities to come up with different strategies. One of my major projects I was tasked with was the Parent engagement project. My goal was able to develop a plan to increase parent engagement within the school. 

I worked hand in hand with the marketing team to identify solutions. Not only was did I gain tangible experience but I was able to implement a lot of skills that I had acquired in the classroom. For instance, I applied my presentation skills which are taught in class,  public speaking which is displayed through demonstrating leadership skills in school in the Nova Pioneer culture. I applied database knowledge that I learned through my computer studies lessons in the office.

The internship with the Nova Pioneer marketing team gave me a positive outlook on how things are done and that everyone is important in the daily running of a business. Working together and creating a warm environment amongst your fellow partners tends to bring out the best outcomes in any organization. Nova Pioneer has truly brought out the best of me for initially I was not able to think how I recently do.

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