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Guiding Our Students Towards Finding Their Nova

Transitioning from High School can be a thrilling yet challenging journey. As students step out of their familiar routines, they encounter a world filled with endless opportunities and new responsibilities. As a parent, you may wonder, ‘How can my child be best prepared for this critical transition?’ At Nova Pioneer we offer a Post-School Success Programme (PSS) that provides our students with exposure to diverse post-secondary opportunities and supports them in identifying the best-fit opportunities to pursue in alignment with their life goals after graduating. The PSS programme empowers our students to take charge of their post-school exploration and planning, with the support of their parents/guardians and Nova Pioneer’s post-school success experts throughout this process.

How does the PSS Team provide support to our students across Nova Pioneer Schools? 

  • University partnerships

Our Class of 2023 received over $7,000,000 in scholarships from universities in Australia, Canada, Germany, Ghana, Kenya, and the United States of America (U.S.A). We support our students to submit quality and competitive student profiles and essays to attract university and college recruiters. We organize school visits by University and College representatives to offer information sessions to our students and enhance their University and course selection options. Our students also attend campus tours to selected universities to give them a glimpse of University life and the resources available. 

  • Career Guidance 

We help our students to identify their interests and potential career paths by providing opportunities that allow for job shadowing and internships in leading organizations in Kenya that enable them to gain hands-on experience and apply what they have learned in class to a real-world scenario. 

  • Skills Development

From resume writing to interview techniques, our sessions equip students with practical skills essential to them expressing themselves for real-world success. 

The PSS Team is there to guide students toward making the best decision that is aligned with their passion and desire for the future.

What are some of the many options after high school?

  • Enrolling in a university directly after graduating (having applied in Form 4).
  • Enrolling in a Technical and Vocational Education and Training institute to start training immediately for a chosen career.
  • Taking a ‘gap’ year to polish the academic record, start a venture, or explore a passion before applying to and entering university.
  • Pursuing practical training or work to gain practical experience before entering university.
  • Starting on a career track by entering the workforce immediately.


Celebrating Our Class of 2023 PSS Programme

Nova Pioneer Eldoret Boys

Nova Pioneer Eldoret Girls

Nova Pioneer Tatu City Boys

Nova Pioneer Tatu City Girls

We proudly celebrate the achievements of our alumni who have grown into capable individuals ready to take on the world. To parents, educators, and community supporters, together we can build a future where every young person has the opportunity to succeed. 

To learn more about our Post School Success Programme, fill out this form to meet our students and team at our next Campus Experience event.

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