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Parents and Schools Partnering to Raise Children Who Thrive

We get the chance in every moment, to make a difference in the world, with the things we teach our children.

At Nova Pioneer, we believe that our students will grow up to shape the world and for them to grow into thriving adults, we are intentionally about developing our students in three ways;

  1. Character
  2. Capabilities 
  3. Connection

While the school environment has structures put in place that allow students to develop character, capabilities and connections, it’s crucial to establish  how families can be part of this journey and create an environment at home that allows students to experience support not only in their academics but also in their social and emotional development.

Here are some three quick strategies that can help families  implement a conducive environment to help their children thrive in a future that doesn’t exist today.



Do you have a set of principles for your family that define desirable character that will help your child thrive while attending school? We have a set of six culture principles that define mindsets and behaviours of our students. These principles help us to hold high expectations, grow from every challenge and seek to serve.

Parents can extend these culture principles into their homes and even add onto them. Parents and teachers have a role to play in helping model good character for children so they become caring citizens of the world all while setting out clear consequences that allow for self reflection for negative behaviour and appreciation of positive behaviour. Remember that the true impact on a child’s character is when you can stand by them and offer guidance  on how to respond to real life situations instead of always telling them what they can and can’t do.



At Nova Pioneer, we believe in our students developing high levels of academic mastery and also in their capability to solve problems collaboratively to take on the world with confidence and to create new possibilities for themselves and others.

Parents can create a safe space for their child to discover what they are good at and help support their child through this discovery. This will enable  our children to know that they are capable of learning ,and growing beyond any limitations  and empower them to take on the world with optimism that will help them grow into self aware and assured adults who will thrive in a fast changing world.



“Connection is why we’re here.” -Brene Brown-

Intentionally connect with your child. Find time as often as you can to give them your undivided attention. In a world where children are exposed to a number of influences it’s key to reaffirm, that you have created a safe space for them to share with you their thoughts and feelings without judgment. Your child will learn how to connect with others through your example and this will help them create healthy relationships throughout their lifetime .

Finally, it is key to model what thriving looks like for you as a parent/guardian. After all, children will always emulate and revert to behavior patterns they have seen adults in their lives live out. Spend time doing what you enjoy out of your busy schedule. Take time to play games, travel, listen to music, laugh or whatever else you enjoy to do and be sure to make this process as inclusive as possible  for your child’s proactive participation.

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