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With the necessity of social distancing in the time of COVID, it is important that we offer students avenues that allow for learning to continue so that they may experience minimal disruption to their day-to-day. It is imperative that we help students retain some form of normalcy by still providing opportunities to connect with other students and educators – this will give them a sense of connection amidst all the changes they are experiencing. We believe that keeping children engaged in meaningful learning experiences while at home during this time, will help them improve and maintain the skills they will need to stay ahead of the curve so that they are ready to begin the 2021 school year with a competitive advantage. 

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Our Academic and Learning Design teams collaborated to create a Virtual Learning Programme that seeks to inspire each child with the joy of learning, remotely. The programme provides access  to Academic, Leadership, Innovation and Enrichment classes.

At Nova Pioneer, we are inspired to engage the natural curiosity of the student to create rich learning opportunities, where the teacher is the co-collaborator along with the student. Learners are invited to ask “why”, to share theories, discuss possibilities, and research outcomes in groups and with teachers. We focus on ensuring that our students are learning to think and behave like innovators and leaders. Our lessons are designed to promote confidence and communication, and all students work on solving real world problems. 

The programme is currently a 3-month long programme that will begin in September and end in November 2020.

What kinds of courses are on offer?

Coding and Web Design

We believe that schools have a role to play in preparing students for their digital futures. Nova Pioneer is offering students who join the Virtual Programme, the opportunity the basics of coding and building a web page. The course will include (1) learning the language of HTML/CSS; (2) the art of designing and developing a web page using HTML/CSS JavaScript; as well as (3) learning how to develop computational thinking skills. Download Course Catalogue

Video Editing and Production

An important part to becoming a successful Entrepreneur is knowing how to market your product and brand. Digital Marketing is how businesses reach can reach big audiences but also useful for tracking performance. The first step to a successful digital campaign is producing the content. In this course, students will learn the skills to design and produce multimedia content for an online audience. Particular areas of focus will include: (1) Learning Adobe Premiere Pro CC; (2) Sequencing clips; (3) Creating video and audio transitions; and more. Download Course Catalogue

Public Speaking

Taking that first step into the public speaking arena can seem daunting at first. Nevertheless with a little bit of practice a basic level of public speaking ability has the potential to have a huge impact on your life. Public speaking can help boost one's confidence levels. By developing your public speaking skills you are also developing your leadership skills. The ability of the professional to present well contributes to him or her being seen as an authority. Download Course Catalogue

Entrepreneurship & Agribusiness

The agriculture sector remains one of the most important sectors in African economies, as we all need to eat! Recent innovations in agriculture have also made farming and agribusiness all the more profitable. Through this course, students will gain an understanding of (1) how to set up agribusiness; (2) developing entrepreneurial skills; (3) writing a business plan and more. Download Course Catalogue

My husband and I are both teachers in a public secondary school. The school closures have meant that we are not able to affect our mandate. This has given me the opportunity to take a front row seat at witnessing the Nova Pioneer virtual classes. I have been engaged and wildly excited with all the lessons and just by how much work has gone into making them interactive and involving. The way the lessons have been designed with the learner in mind and how to evoke their senses speaks to a high level of learning design excellence. It has also been very heartwarming to see how teachers go out of their way in ensuring their students get full support. 

Dorcas Kisebe, Nova Pioneer Parent
Peter Cheki
Peter Cheki, Admissions Associate

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Are you ready to start your child’s application process to enrol into our Virtual Learning Programme? Peter will work with you closely to ensure your questions are answered and that your child’s application is submitted.  Should you have any more questions, please find below Peter’s contact details.

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