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As the Global systems and Analytics Coordinator at Nova Pioneer this is my story.

I was nominated and voted as the Joy of Learning culture hero for the  year 2023. The news of my milestone did not come as a shock to me. This is bold to state but I have confidence in this stance due to feedback from my manager and my colleagues who see my passion for what I do.

At Nova Pioneer, Joy of Learning is about bringing infectious energy and delight into the learning space, because we believe joy fuels learning and hard work. This culture principle is centered around curiosity, exploration and a love for learning. I believe I embody this culture Principle because of how I approach my day to day duties with curiosity to learn and improve the details of my work. My passion areas are in; dashboards, trackers and surveys. It brings me great joy to teach my colleagues what I learn, from formulas, to how to efficiently get a task done using tools available to us  like formulas, dashboards, or a recent one I taught a friend to make use of descript, a transcribing application, instead of typing out a recording from a meeting. I believe when there is joy, exploration and curiosity , we get so much more from an experience, be it a book we pick up to read, a topic we research on or a lesson we deliver.

Having an objective mindset has been such an asset in my professional journey. Many teammates in Nova have offered me support, advice and tools that have spurred my growth as a person and a professional, and I believe it’s because I was not rigid to learn, I was curious and I ask questions, and I often have self reflections to keep myself accountable. To learn , we have to be willing to fail forward. Seek out new challenges, seek thought partnerships and support when we are stuck, and own up to our failures when they come, because those are opportunities that give us new perspectives and  a sense of direction. 

When you trace anyone’s growth journey others will be mentioned in it. To grow, we need to stretch out our hands for others to pull us up or push us up. Just like me, my manager Nicola and other teammates have enlightened me and directed me through giving  feedback , advice and encouragement. 

I delight in sharing what I learn and enlightening those around me as well. I have done this through giving feedback, offering support and lessons on how to organize data, or crunch numbers to some of our teachers, as well as having thought partnership sessions with others to problem solve, and this brings me great joy.

Nova Pioneer has provided me an opportunity to show up curious , ask questions, seek thought partnerships, celebrate progress and appreciate people. It is powerful to bring infectious energy into our learning space and celebrate progress, and I’m glad I learnt this early in my career. I give my thanks to the Nova Pioneer Culture. 

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