Nova Pioneer Graduates  Taking Over The World

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Nova Pioneer Graduates Taking Over The World

Nova Pioneer provides students with opportunities beyond the classroom to nurture their talents and abilities.  We recently partnered with The True Talents of Africa Football Academy to offer professional football within our schools. The program provides students with different opportunities  such as soccer scholarships. This year, we are extremely proud


Celebrating Our Brave Young Women- International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated each year on March 8th to recognize the social, economic , cultural and political achievements of women. The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is “Gender Equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.”  At Nova Pioneer, we are empowering our young women to bravely take up


Fire Safety Training at Tatu Girls Campus.

Due  to the increasing cases of fires in Kenyan high schools, the National St. John’s Ambulance Office decided to focus on Fire Safety as part of the training curriculum this term. Cadets went through a training that included classification of fires, how to combat them, how to use fire extinguishers


Nova Pioneer Tatu Girls at The X-Culture Business Competition

A team of  15  girls from Nova Pioneer Tatu Girls have been participating at the X-culture Business Competition. X- Culture Business Competition is an educational project that aims at preparing students for global careers and effective performance in the multi-culture work place. X-Culture Business Competition prepares students to real life


5 Tips on Thriving in High school

Thriving in high school is an important part of a student’s success both academically and personally. We gathered 5 tips on how to thrive in high school    Your Mental Health is Important Your mental health should be a top priority. Do not be ashamed to approach  your school counselor 


The Nova Pioneer Alumni Stories with Mark Bilahi an Animal Enthusiast.

At Nova Pioneer, We are keen to keep up with our alumni who are in turn happy to share their post- school journey. We  caught up with one of our Alumni from the class of 2020, Mark Bilahi an animal advocate and environmental enthusiast who has been volunteering at The


Top 10 Exam Preparation Tips- Key To Success

There are several tips that will help a student excel in exams. Examination period can bring a lot of pressure and anxiety hence the need for students to prepare adequately. Studying effectively is very key in Exam Preparation. Start Your Preparation Early Starting early with your exam preparation will give


Nduta Gicheru Shares Her Top 5 Tips For Academic Excellence.

Academic Excellence is important because it is strongly linked to the positive outcomes we value at Nova Pioneer.During the Alumni Virtual connect event here ,Nduta Gicheru from the Alumni class of 2020, shared her top  5 tips which she used while in school for academic excellence Nduta Gicheru scored an


Tree Planting At Tatu Primary

On Friday 11th June 2021, the learners at Tatu Primary planted a total of 100 trees in our school that would not only benefit the environment but also for educational purposes in improving children’s learning.  Grade 3 G


Youth Hold the Promise and Power to Shape the African Century

Today (June 16) South Africa pauses to recognise Youth Day.  Across Africa, it is the International Day of the African Child.  Both of these acknowledge the initiative, sacrifice and leadership of South Africa’s youth of 1976, who rose with courage to the foremost challenge of their time in resisting apartheid;

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