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I received the glorious opportunity to intern at Tsavo Innovation Labs for two weeks. When I reflect back on how my experience was, I learned so much that I cannot share everything, but I will share the most outstanding lessons that I will forever cherish and carry with me as I go through life.  

The lesson that stood out for me is that you are never alone, especially in business. We often look at the business as a competition to see who will make the most profit, but when I saw two CEOs sharing with each other on how they can improve their businesses, I was shocked. It is okay to ask for help when you are stuck because truly no one can do it all alone, for sure, we are Greater Together. 

Another thing I learned how to do is plan a whole event. I was thrown into the deep end and was given a whole event to plan that happened on the 22nd of November. Things like logistics about planning the venue, mobilizing people, advertising the event through making posters were very new to me. It was difficult but I managed to pull through, the event was a success and everyone enjoyed it.

Lastly, I learned that business is challenging. We often say this but do not realize the magnitude of it until we experience it first hand. In business, one should really develop a thick skin because when things go sideways you are the one to quickly fix it up if someone in your team does not align with your vision you are the one to tell them and maybe even remove them from your team before any damage is done. This is why I learned that I had parallel interests in other career fields.  If it was not for this internship I would not realized this and it has definitely pushed me to explore different career interest that I potentially could be passionate about.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and I am grateful for the opportunity given to me by the school.

Written by Jeanne Sere (Form 4 student, Nova Pioneer Girls’ Secondary School)

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