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School From Our Perspective ; By Wangari & Shirleen

Nova Pioneer students from our Tatu City Girls Campus Wangari and Shirleen, recently made an awesome video showcasing their High School experience. We caught up with the two ladies to find out more about their experience making the video.


What excited you about doing a video project like this? 

We have always had a passion for film so working with the film equipment and doing a project like this made as feel like “real” directors.


What inspired you to do it?

We wanted to make something different, something that’s not just about academics or the world- class facilities of the school. We wanted to showcase the moments we share in school with the other girls. We wanted to show how we enjoy every single second of High School.


Were there any challenges you faced when putting it together? If so, how did you overcome them?

Firstly, finding a camera of good quality was the first step. Once we did, we experienced a few glitches in how to use it. Secondly, some of the students involved were camera shy and we had to make them comfortable. It was our first time editing so getting the music transition right was an issue but we managed to get the the hang of it.

One of the greatest advantage was having a partner. This way we motivated each other going by our culture principle of  ‘Greater Together’. We collaborated by dividing the work and tasks, and this made filming faster.

We learnt how to edit from YouTube, although it included a lot of frustration and sleepless nights because we had set a deadline for ourselves. We would do it all over again though.


Give us a fun fact or two about yourself.

Fun- ish facts about us:

I (Wangari) always make really good food, the trick is to add honey or soy sauce if it doesn’t taste good. Try it sometime…hahaha.

I (Shirleen) acted in my first play when I was only 8 years old.


In The End

Being able to make something that tells a beautiful story and immortalizes a good memory or experience is always fulfilling. Wangari and Shirleen have embodied the spirit of ‘Greater Together,’ and in the process have set High Expectations for themselves and others. We definitely look forward to more stories they will tell from their high school experience and even beyond!




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