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Following the announcement around the full closure of schools for 2020, as a country, we are facing new and difficult challenges. In response to the closures, earlier in the year, our Academic and Learning Design teams have collaborated to create educational resources to support remote learning. We have since made strides in creating a new and impactful online education solution for all families.

We invite all families, including non-Nova Pioneer students, to sign up for our new Virtual Learning Programme that will commence in September. The programme replicates much of Nova Pioneer’s in-class experience with a focus on academics, innovation, leadership and enrichment activities. The learning experience is engaging and has been designed to keep students thinking critically and practicing the skills learned in the virtual class sessions.

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The Nova Pioneer Virtual Programme is structured to run in three consecutive 4-week periods, spanning a total of 3 months - from September until November 2020. The Virtual Programme offers parents flexibility to choose preferred classes and activities. The programme comprises of three blocks a day and they focus on [1] Academic Mastery, [2] developing Innovation and Leadership Skills and [3] participating in Enrichment activities. Families can select up to two classes from each of the blocks.

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We are thrilled you are considering enrolling your child into the Nova Pioneer Virtual Learning Programme. The Admissions Process is simple and quick.

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