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The Benefits of Private School Education

Every Year parents make a decision for their children to either join Public schools or a private school.Here are the  benefits of private school education.

Enhanced Opportunities

One key benefit of private schools is the enriched educational experience that pupils obtain.This is thanks to numerous additional initiatives offered at Private Schools including; extra-curricular activities and a variety of  programs for gifted students.

At Nova Pioneer,in particular, our students are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one of our co-curricular activities. These Includes; Debate & Model UN, Journalism,Blogging & Photography, Drama/music club,Computer club, Entrepreneurship Club, Music Creation Club, Dance Club,Scouting, First Aid & Presidential Award club, Robotics & Maker club,Chess & Indoor games.

We also offer coaching for a variety of outdoor games including; Rugby, Basketball, Hockey, Football and Swimming.

Private schools can create their own teaching methods. At Nova Pioneer, We have a learning design team composed of subject matter experts. They are responsible for crafting all lessons around the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development objectives.

Lessons at Nova Pioneer are delivered using the 5-E lesson plan. This is whereby students discover content for themselves about the lesson( They Get to explore their leadership potential), They are encouraged to be innovative and make connections of their findings with the real world.They then share their findings with the teacher in class who then gives clarification and finalizes the topic.

By the end of every topic, Our learners have done their research, engaged with each other and this enhances their understanding and mastery of topics.

Reduced class Sizes.

 Studies  have  shown that the smaller the class size the higher an average grade a student attains.

At nova pioneer, Our primary class size for Pre-Primary Class is 24 students per class where each class has 2 teachers, For the Upper classes, our class capacity is 32 with 2 teachers per class as well.

This has proven to be a very helpful teacher student ratio whereby each Student gets attention from the teacher depending on their strengths and or weaknesses.

Expectation of Success

The high  quality of education offered at private schools results in very good academic results. The mission of private schools attracted students with similar interests, passions and talents.

At Nova Pioneer, we have seen a steady improvement in our K.C.S.E grades. 80% of our candidates qualify to join Universities as the others join tertiary institutions.

Networking Opportunities

At Nova Pioneer, We have a Post School Success Team. The Team Organizes exchange programs for our students between Kenya and South Africa. The team also offer student job shadowing and internship opportunities in a variety of professional fields depending on each students’ interests.

Our students have earned  international scholarship opportunities to pursue their dream careers.

The Nova Pioneer community is also a source of networks.

Community Feel

Many Private schools make an effort to create a community environment. When school feels more like a community, students can feel safer, more comfortable and more passionate about learning.

At Nova Pioneer our culture principles create such a great bond between students and staff. We call ourselves Novaneers.

The strong feeling of community at Nova Pioneer nourishes the student’s social skills and encourages good behavior.

Excellent Resources

Most private schools have excellent resources and facilities to support learning. From well equipped classrooms to multiple sports facilities. 

At Nova Pioneer, We have world facilities that offer a great learning environment for our students.

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