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Three Reasons To Attend Nova Pioneer High School’s Campus Experience 

Would you buy a car without test driving it first? Probably not! Nova Pioneer believes that an important part of choosing the right school for your child should include checking out the facilities, meeting the school leadership and understanding what students experience in and outside of the classroom. A Campus Experience at Nova Pioneer provides a unique and interactive way  for parents to experience Nova Pioneer’s learning model  that differentiates us from other schools. It also provides a convenient opportunity for your child to complete  our internal in-person assessment.

Attending a Campus Experience gives you a chance to receive an early admission for your child.

Early Admissions are beneficial in the following ways;

Njaanuary? Plan Ahead!

The January back-to-school hustle is one to dread.  Long queues at supermarkets, textbook centers and uniform shops, not to forget the hiked prices of items. Securing an early admission for your child will give you ample time to plan your resources, saving you time and money.

Helps Student Prepare for K.C.P.E

The assessment process at Nova Pioneer  is an important learning opportunity for Class 8 candidates. The Interview provides students with an experience of what to expect in K.C.P.E giving them confidence to sit for the main exam.

Spots at Nova Pioneer are Limited

Nova Pioneer’s unique learning approach includes an inquiry-based-learning model that results in stronger intellectual ability and character than the traditional lecture-based education learning approach.  Spots are therefore very competitive and limited.  Our spots are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. Securing an early admission by attending a campus experience, keeps you ahead of the competition.

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