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Nduta Gicheru Shares Her Top 5 Tips For Academic Excellence.

Academic Excellence is important because it is strongly linked to the positive outcomes we value at Nova Pioneer.During the Alumni Virtual connect event here ,Nduta Gicheru from the Alumni class of 2020, shared her top  5 tips which she used while in school for academic excellence

Nduta Gicheru scored an A of 83 points. In addition to her exemplary performance in the KCSE Class of 2020,  Nduta was the Team Captain of the swimming club, The inaugural school president, and was also part of the music club where she played Piano.

She was very keen on mentioning the importance of being an all rounded student, which she indeed led by example.

Here are her top 5 tips;

 Start the race as soon as they say go.

This journey is not going to be about who the fastest runner is or who has the most talent. It’s about who is the most adaptable and keeps a steady pace. Like a race, as soon as you get on campus keep a moderate but constant exertion in your academics and outside classroom activities. As long as you start now, you will be closer to your goals than you were yesterday. Adopt self mastery sooner rather than later. 

Build a community.

 Find friends who are a few steps ahead of you and will keep you going forward daily. Healthy competition makes all the difference. It creates accountability as well as support during the trying times. 

Set out to fail. 

The greatest lessons come from the biggest mistakes. The ones that stick with us forever. Put your arm up each and every time to answer a question, what’s the worst that can happen if you get it wrong? So what if they judge you? They certainly will not be laughing when you learn something new and eventually achieve your goals. Remember winning and losing are just trajectories in the journey which are dependent on only you. 

Go, go, go the extra mile. 

They wake up at 5:30, you wake up at 5:00. It’s half an hour more in one day but three and a half hours in a week. And so much more in a year. Make the sacrifices early. The journey will become easier. In the end it will be a cruise. Additionally, go the extra mile in applying for all the opportunities that you are interested in. They will come and go, don’t agree to let them pass you by. Aim to be a holistic individual. 

 Lastly, serve in whatever capacity you can. Find a place to be of service to others. It will help you build relationships, learn to work with people and to respect the people around you. From big positions like School President to smaller positions like Class Environment lead. Lose yourself in service to others. 

Now, if you do not remember any of these things just remember that you have what it takes to be a success. The first thing you must do is believe it. 

To catch the full video on the event, click below;



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