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5 Tips on Thriving in High school

Thriving in high school is an important part of a student’s success both academically and personally.
We gathered 5 tips on how to thrive in high school


 Your Mental Health is Important

Your mental health should be a top priority.

Do not be ashamed to approach  your school counselor  for help.

Guard your mind and consume only what is healthy for you.


Choose Your Circle Wisely

It’s okay to have a small circle.

Make friends who influence you positively and inspire you to be your authentic self.

You also need to be a great and supportive friend. 


Excellence in Class Work

In Form 1 & 2, it’s important to closely monitor your performance and align it with your interest in order to choose your majors wisely.

Make your notes personal, it will be easier to revise for exams.

Outline your study goals and make sure you live up to them.

Participate in class as much as you can. Ask and answer questions frequently. This helps with mastery.

Explore the different reading strategies and identify what works for you. You’ll not only be set for High School but for life!

 Work hard, not smart.

Check out this blog on how to study for exams


Extra- curriculum Activities

Join a club, a sport or even both!

Being active recharges your energy and keeps your mental health in check.

Clubs bring out your strengths and skills that you will utilize beyond high school.

You could finally discover your talent by joining clubs and sport activities.


Make Technology your friend

Do not be afraid to do your research online. Make the best out of it.

Remember to also be safe while at it

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