Are you considering moving your child from their current school? Why wait?
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Upgrade to Nova Pioneer and give your child a head start! 

Are you considering moving your child from their current school? Why wait?

Parents who start with Nova Pioneer before 30 June 2022, will enjoy a tuition free month in January 2023. 


You may have some concerns about relocating your child mid-year. At Nova Pioneer, we work with our parents to ensure we provide support to students who join mid-year. Our teachers are equipped to support students in catching up on the Curriculum, and the learning model allows teachers to identify areas in which additional focus is required, ensuring a smooth transition for your child. Our teachers support mid-year joiners by ensuring the following:


  • Adjusting from one curriculum to another may seem daunting, however our teachers put a lot of work into equipping students who start mid-year with the tools to thrive. Initially an assessment is done to understand the student’s baseline math and english level. Teachers then conduct weekly CFU’s (Check for Understanding) and based on these checks, the teacher is able to assess whether academic support interventions need to be taken. 
  • While ensuring that your child is able to adjust to the academic rigor of our curriculum and model, it is equally important that they receive psycho-social support with the big adjustment. Various methods are used to ensure that the student adjusts well to their environment, teachers, peers and becoming a Novaneer. 
  • Students are quickly introduced to the Nova Pioneer culture which largely assists with the social adjustment. This ranges from understanding what the 6 culture principles are, to giving snaps or shine for their own and peer achievements. 
  • Both new and existing families are supported through instructional evenings, aimed at equipping parents with knowledge to support their Novaneer’s journey in becoming a leader and innovator


Below are some tips on how parents can make the mid-year transition less disruptive.


Communicate the decision for the move

Talk with your child about moving schools well in advance, if possible. Take time to discuss each concern and allow your child to express themselves and their feelings about changing schools. This will help parents understand their child’s feelings and fears about changing schools. This can also give us insight into how we can best support them. Also ask them what they are looking forward to the most about going to a new school and talk to your child about what to expect at the new school.


Come meet our team


We always advise parents to visit the campus before the child starts classes and ensure they stay engaged with the school and teachers to find out how the child is settling in. Also, feel free to ask for more information on our psychosocial support services in case your child may need additional or professional support to adjust with the change. 


Come prepared


Make sure that your child has the correct school stationery and uniform, as well as sports clothes. Also, organise your child’s transportation to commute to and from school. Parents need to remember that children are most concerned about fitting in at school, and having the basics covered can help them integrate better into their new school environment. 


Encourage building community


Get your child involved in extracurricular activities that interest them, to help them make new friends and for them to be part of the school community. Also encourage your child to try a new activity to help them grow and expand their scope of activities at school.


Stay connected to old friends


Remember to make space for your child to reconnect and maintain communication with former school friends. It’s good for your child to not feel like they have lost or neglected their old friends, it will also comfort them to be able to keep memories of their previous school and to stay in contact with the friends that they have left behind.


Hurry, available spaces for this year are limited!


Get in touch

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