Who we are

Who we are

Our Story

Nova Pioneer Education Group is a Pan-African independent school network offering preschool through secondary education for students from ages 3 through 18. We prepare the next generation of leaders and innovators through world-class teaching methods with an emphasis on 21st century skills.


We established Nova Pioneer because we believe education should prepare young people to create their future, not just work in it. Nova Pioneer is a launchpad where ambitious young Africans can begin to shape a better future for the continent and the world.

We began by asking ourselves the question, “What capabilities will young people need to succeed in and shape the future that they will encounter, and what approaches to education will best develop those capabilities?”

All of our founders have extensive backgrounds in education at top institutions across the globe, having studied at universities such as Harvard and Stanford and led education programs for McKinsey and Co., the African Leadership Academy, and top school networks in the US (Excel Academies). Yet at Nova Pioneer we believe that you never stop learning. So we visited and studied leading schools spanning from Singapore to Peru, and the United States to the United Kingdom. We connected with leaders of the cutting-edge education research, and leading thinkers on 21st Century Learning such as Sir Ken Robinson and teachers and atelieristas from Reggio Emilia, the leading global early education model, to name a few.

We launched our first school in South Africa in 2014, with the aim of incorporating the best education models in the world, while keeping it as affordable as possible. We’ve since expanded within South Africa, and to Kenya as well – with our first Kenyan school launching in 2015. In all of our schools, we bring in and train top educators to deliver educational excellence in an environment that nurtures our students to uncover their potential and blaze trails in the world beyond our school walls.    

Our Vision

The Nova Pioneer vision is to transform the lives and career paths of our students and equip them for success in the 21st century.  Our graduates’ exceptional experiences in our schools and their trajectories beyond will enable them to lead change in Africa and around the globe.

Our Mission

We are developing generations of innovators and leaders who will shape the African Century.

We believe that you cannot have great learning or build a great community without a great and positive culture.

We believe that you cannot have great learning or build a great community without a great and positive culture.

Our Culture

We believe that you cannot have great learning or build a great community without a strong and positive culture. At Nova Pioneer all students, teachers, and staff live and learn by the following six culture principles.


Joy of Learning

We are life-long learners, and we are fueled by curiosity and discovery.


Greater Together

We constantly support our teammates because we know that we can achieve more together.


Always Growing

We constantly seek out difficult challenges, share and receive feedback as a gift, and see every failure as an opportunity to grow.


Servant Leadership

Great leaders always put others before themselves and engage their community with humility and generosity. We see leadership as a way of improving the world, not simply promoting ourselves.


Solutions First

Everything is possible when we are creative and think critically about the problem. We are always thinking of new solutions when faced with difficult challenges.


High Expectations

We sweat the small stuff and take pride in what we do. We set goals that others think are impossible and never stop until we achieve them.

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