Students follow their passions and take initiative to develop their talents and interests

Nova Pioneer Ruimsig - Primary

Students follow their passions and take initiative to develop their talents and interests

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Our Learning Approach

At Nova Pioneer, we focus on ensuring that our students are learning to think and behave like innovators and leaders. Our lessons are designed to promote confidence and communication, and all students work on solving real world problems from ideation, through prototyping, eventually building their solutions and deploying them on the campus and beyond. 

Nova Pioneer Ruimsig will offer Grades 000 – 3 in 2021 and will add additional grades to accommodate our Novaneers as they grow.  

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Our Ruimsig Campus

Nova Pioneer Ruimsig is the newest school to join the network! Set on the expansive 36 200 square meter property on the corner of Flora Hasse and Van Bergen road, Amorosa Ext 27 and caters for both Pre-Primary and Primary school students. Over the coming years, the campus will able to accommodate about 1400 students, enabling the school to serve young leaders in the Ruimsig, Little Falls and Greater Roodepoort communities.


Co- & Extra-curriculars

Physical education is offered during curriculum time as well as after school by Fielding Dreams. Their goal is to improve the health and wellness of all children throughout our schools, with the aim to instill a passion for physical activity in the outdoors and in doing so, improve technical abilities and skill standards in all sports. They offer professional coaching, including swimming on-site and ensures our children remain active and participate in team activities on our sports fields.

Student Support

Nova Pioneer's Psychosocial Support Team, consisting of psychologists, intern psychologists and registered counsellors are available to provide social, emotional and learning support, including counselling and therapy, to students who are in need. Our therapists also work alongside teachers to maximize student support in the classroom and to create ongoing opportunities for social and emotional learning. We also have a partnership with an external service provider, The Care Junction, who provide on site Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy.


NovaCare is the in-house Aftercare centre at our Nova Pioneer Paulshof campus that has been specifically created to align with our bespoke Nova Pioneer teaching model, our learning philosophies and our six culture principles. NovaCare services include play, social and education activities, before school opens, after school has closed as well as during school holidays.

I think the the community meetings the children have are fantastic. We as a family believe firmly that community awareness and community responsibility is one of the core fundamentals in society. Without a strong community, society in itself will fold. Therefore, the fact that Nova Pioneer encourages our children to be responsible and caring and giving, is probably the MOST noteworthy experience.

Grant Son, Nova Pioneer Parent

We decided on Nova Pioneer because we loved the concept of the enquiry-based learning as well as how the school is so committed to nurturing children into becoming young adults who think rigorously about the future of the world. My daughter has grown by leaps and bounds during her tenure at Nova Pioneer. She is very innovative and has become a go-getter which makes me so proud. Nova Pioneer is a great school.

Joco Solomons, Nova Pioneer Parent

The small classroom sizes was what initially drew us to Nova Pioneer. The idea of our child receiving individual attention was an attractive offering. We have enjoyed the Friday Exploration day feedback sessions where parents get to interact with the students and get an understanding of what they do during the sessions and what they have learned throughout the term. The Nova Pioneer learning approached has had a positive influence on my child's curiosity, always questioning and trying to understand life skills.

Shaneel Nunkha, Nova Pioneer Parent
Inge Wulff
Inge Wulff, Admissions Associate

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Our Admissions team gladly welcomes all queries and applications for admissions. We want to assure all parents that each application is handled with care and we endeavour to keep you informed throughout each stage of the admissions process. Once you have submitted your application form, Inge will get in touch to schedule you for an assessment day.  Should you wish to speak to Inge directly before submitting your child’s application, please see below are his contact details.

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