Nova Pioneer students don’t just learn how to use technology, they build it themselves

Nova Pioneer Ormonde - Secondary

Nova Pioneer students don’t just learn how to use technology, they build it themselves

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Our students

Nova Pioneer uses the Cambridge curriculum. We bring a rigorous and innovative approach to education that focuses on developing each individual’s full potential. Our secondary school provides students with a holistic environment filled with opportunities to become self-aware and to reflect on their learning in new ways. We know that schools are fundamentally about preparing children to lead and succeed in the future. Nova Pioneer shares in our parents’ aspiration of preparing each child to enter with world with confidence and competence, ready to take on the world, to thrive, and to contribute. 

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The school team

Located in the south of Johannesburg, the Nova Pioneer Ormonde campus was the first school opened by the Nova Pioneer Education Group in South Africa in 2015. The Ormonde campus is the only campus that comprises of both Primary and Secondary School phases. The Ormonde campus, along with the rest of the network, provides students with a holistic environment filled with opportunities to become self-aware and to reflect on their learning in new ways.

The school offer a fresh approach to education that imparts our students with relevant 21st Century skills that would make them solve modern problems. The school uses the Cambridge Curriculum which is delivered by quality educators who are constantly exploring creative ways of facilitating learning.  is also structured to offer parents, students and teachers a distinctive and blended learning opportunity which will lead to intellectual curiosity and a lifelong love of learning.

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Nova Pioneer Ormonde Secondary

Cambridge Curriculum

Nova Pioneer offers a range of internationally accepted qualifications including Cambridge’s A levels, AS, IGCSE, Secondary 1, ICT Starters, Primary and Lower Secondary Programmes. The Cambridge International Curriculum is designed to teach students how to learn and to go on learning. Read more about the Cambridge Curriculum

Nova Pioneer Ormonde Secondary

Co- and extra-curriculars

Extra-curricular activities are selected on a termly basis. Some of our activities may include: arts and craft, chess, drama performances, languages, debating club and photography. While some clubs may be free, there are various extra-curricular activities that may be run by an external provider, and require additional fees.

Nova Pioneer Ormonde Secondary

Post School Success Team

Nova Pioneer has a Post-School Success programme. The programme provides students with exposure to diverse post-secondary opportunities, and supports them to identify the best fit opportunities to pursue in alignment with their goals for life after graduating from Nova Pioneer. Read more...

I think the the community meetings the children have are fantastic. We as a family believe firmly that community awareness and community responsibility is one of the core fundamentals in society. Without a strong community, society in itself will fold. Therefore, the fact that Nova Pioneer encourages our children to be responsible and caring and giving, is probably the MOST noteworthy experience.

Grant Son, Nova Pioneer Parent

We decided on Nova Pioneer because we loved the concept of the enquiry-based learning as well as how the school is so committed to nurturing children into becoming young adults who think rigorously about the future of the world. My daughter has grown by leaps and bounds during her tenure at Nova Pioneer. She is very innovative and has become a go-getter which makes me so proud. Nova Pioneer is a great school.

Joco Solomons, Nova Pioneer Parent

The small classroom sizes was what initially drew us to Nova Pioneer. The idea of our child receiving individual attention was an attractive offering. We have enjoyed the Friday Exploration day feedback sessions where parents get to interact with the students and get an understanding of what they do during the sessions and what they have learned throughout the term. The Nova Pioneer learning approached has had a positive influence on my child's curiosity, always questioning and trying to understand life skills.

Shaneel Nunkha, Nova Pioneer Parent
Bridget Tau
Bridget Tau, Admissions Associate

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We know that choosing a High School for your child can be slightly stressful and that is why we have Bridget Tau at Ormonde to help you through the process. Bridget oversees all admissions at our Ormonde campus. We advise you to put through an application and she will get in touch to schedule your child for an assessment.

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