The Nova Pioneer Experience

The Nova Pioneer Experience

Beyond Exams

We ensure that our students excel on their exams, but we go much beyond that– Nova Pioneer teachers don’t lecture, they lead discussions and facilitate projects that help students engage deeply and think critically about course material. Our students frequently apply their academic work outside the classroom to real world situations.

Holistic and High Expectations

We support every student to unlock their individual interests and passions and achieve far beyond what they thought was possible. We treat students as leaders and they rise to meet our expectations by developing the character and skills that they need to lead.

Practical and Personalized

Our learning experiences are full of engagement, creativity, and energy. For example, our students learn physics by building their own compass to explore magnetism, English by writing new chapters for novels they love, and math by surveying the local community to understand statistics. As a result, they learn the core material while developing their creativity and problem solving abilities.

21st Century Skills

Nova Pioneer students don’t just learn how to use the latest technology, they learn how to design and build it themselves. Our laboratories and makerspaces allow students to experiment with their own inventions, and graduates will emerge fluent in the innovation skills that they’ll need to thrive in modern careers.

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