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We are thrilled you are considering Nova Pioneer as the school of choice for your child. Should you wish to enrol your child into one of the Nova Pioneer campuses you would be required to follow our Admissions Process.

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“Too many schools are places where year after year, students learn that they “can’t”. I’m not an artist, I’m not a singer, I can’t do science.

At Nova Pioneer, we strive to be a community where students discover that they ‘can’. They develop the deep, unshakable knowledge that they are fundamentally capable of learning and growing in anything they dedicate themselves to. They can be doctors or entrepreneurs. Artists or athletes. Organisers and problem solvers. That they are fundamentally capable to learn and grow; and to take on the world as optimistic and self-assured innovators and leaders.

At Nova Pioneer, we believe that every young person has the potential to shape the world that they live in…. to find their Nova”

Chinezi Chijioke, Founder and CEO

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