Download our Fee Structure

Download our Fee Structure

Nova Pioneer provides a world class learning experience and the best quality education for your child at an affordable price. Weโ€™re always available if you have any questions or wish to discuss any aspect of the finances.

How to make payment

Payment method Instructions Proof of payment
1 North Riding

Bank: Standard Bank
Account Number: 021 635 463
Brand Code: Randburg / 018005

2 Midrand

Bank: Standard Bank
Account Number: 021 635 463
Brand Code: Randburg / 018005

3 Ormonde (Primary & Secondary)

Bank: Standard Bank
Account Number: 021 635 463
Brand Code: Randburg / 018005

4 Paulshof

Bank: Standard Bank
Account Number: 021 635 463
Brand Code: Randburg / 018005

5 Boksburg

Bank: Standard Bank
Account Number: 021 635 463
Brand Code: Randburg / 018005

6 Ruimsig

Bank: Standard Bank
Account Number: 021 635 463
Brand Code: Randburg / 018005

To make payment to any Nova Pioneer school in South Africa, please send an electronic fund transfer (EFT) using the banking details in the table. After payment is successful, please send your proof of payment for:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What costs will prospective parents incur during the application process?

    There is a R350 non-refundable Admissions Fee that is required for the processing of all Primary school applications, whilst there is a R550 fee for Secondary school applications. This is due before attendance of one of our Open Days or Campus Experiences. Results from your child's assessment shall not be released until the payment is processed and proof of payment has been sent to the relevant admissions officer.

    Once your child has been accepted, you will be required to pay a R4000 deposit for infants through to Grade 00, a R7000 deposit for Grade R through to Grade 7 & R8000 deposit for Grade 8 & upwards.

    This deposit is refundable provided your child takes up their place in the school, and a full terms notice if given should you choose to leave the school.

  • What payment options are available to parents?

    Nova Pioneer school fees can be paid on annual, termly or monthly basis. Parents who pay an annual fee at the beginning of year will be offered a discounted rate.

  • Is the Notice Deposit refundable?

    The deposit is only refundable under the following conditions:
    1. Once the learner completes their grade 12 education with Nova Pioneer or
    2. Once a parent has notified the school, in writing and a term in advance, of their intentions to remove their child from Nova Pioneer.

    Please be advised that should you change yout mind about enrolling your child with Nova Pioneer before the school term begins, you will forfeit your deposit.

  • What costs are included in your child's annual fees?

    The following are included in your child's annual school fees:

    1. ER 24 subscription
    2. School outings
    3. Swimming Lessons (only applicable to campuses with a swimming pool)
    4. Cambridge Workbooks (where applicable) and a STEM programme development contribution

    In addition, a textbook levy has been included to subsidise the cost of textbooks for students in Grade 4 and upwards.

  • What costs are NOT included in the fees?

    School Fees do not include costs for textbooks, stationery and other sundry items. There is a General Levy parents pay annually and billed in the January statement.

    However, please note that the cost of writing the Cambridge Checkpoint for Grade 3 and Grade 9 and the cost of writing IGCSE examinations for Grade 11 have not been included in the general levy.

    The following items are also NOT covered in the annual fees:
    1. Uniforms
    2. Lunches
    3. Aftercare
    4. Transportation
    5. Certain extra curricular activities

  • What extra murals are provided by the school and does this incur additional cost?

    Each campus offers compulsory extra-curricular activities and some optional that are included in the school fees. These activities vary on every campus and usually take place during school hours. Please see your specific campus of choice to see what activities are offered for free.

    In addition, Nova Pioneer works closely with a number of external vendors who provide specialised activities which come at an extra cost. These include Mandarin, Monkeynastics, ballet, karate, soccer, rugby, drama, Young Scientists etc. A full list of these can be provided upon request.

  • What additional costs can be expected?

    There is an annual general levy, to be paid upon commencement, and a monthly IT levy which covers costs for:
    1. The use of the chromebooks used by students in the classroom, and
    2. WI-FI costs

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