Preparing young people to create their future, not just work in it

Nova Pioneer Midrand - Primary

Preparing young people to create their future, not just work in it

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Our Learning Approach

Nova Pioneer Midrand Primary offers private school education using the Cambridge Curriculum in an environment that nurtures every student to uncover their potential and help them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. A Nova Pioneer student is a creative problem-solver, with the self-discipline to overcome challenges, driven by a joy of learning that extends beyond the classroom.

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The Midrand Campus

Midrand is a campus alive with possibilities. The happy buzz of the school reflects the collaboration and interactive learning of which we are so proud! The walls of our school are covered in the artwork and writing of our students – they are so proud of what they do! Exploration Day takes place on Fridays, where our students explore themes, coming up with solutions, express themselves through the arts and learn about science by hands-on learning. It is also the day when the learn coding and robotics as we build 21st century skills. We are truly a “Solutions First” campus.

The joy of learning is evident in our students’ engagement with classroom activities. Singapore Maths, our mathematics curriculum, stretches our students, building concepts and skills. Teaching Literacy occurs in integrated blocks where Our teachers and apprentice teachers care deeply about our students, forming warm and trusting relationships with the children in their care. A joyful campus, a place where children are happy and reaching their potential – Nova Pioneer Midrand.

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Cambridge Curriculum

Nova Pioneer offers a range of internationally accepted qualifications including Cambridge’s A levels, AS, IGCSE, Secondary 1, ICT Starters, Primary and Lower Secondary Programmes. The Cambridge International Curriculum is designed to teach students how to learn and to go on learning. Read more about the Cambridge Curriculum

Inside a Nova Pioneer Classroom

Inside a Nova Pioneer Classroom

As a parent you may be wondering what differentiates us from other schools? Well, certainly learning looks a little bit different at Nova Pioneer. From how the classrooms are designed, to the language our students and teachers use in the classroom and even down to the behaviours our students exemplify. Perhaps you’re wondering what the inside of a Nova Pioneer classroom really looks like?

Keeping Fees Accessible, a Key Priority at Nova Pioneer

Affordable Quality Education

Did you know that Nova Pioneer is a uses an internationally accredited curriculum? Furthermore, Nova Pioneer parents pay a fraction of the cost of most private schools offering the Cambridge Curriculum in South Africa? This is because one of Nova Pioneer's key priorities is to keep fees accessible to families.


Various co- and extra-curricular opportunities are made available to our students on the school premises. These activities are offered at an extra cost to parents and Chess, Netball, Performing Arts, Soccer, and more.


Aftercare is offered on the campus but is run by an external service provider (and not by Nova Pioneer teachers). Therefore, parents who seek aftercare services will incur an additional cost.

Student Support

Nova Pioneer's Psychosocial Support Team, consisting of psychologists, intern psychologists and registered counsellors are available to provide social, emotional and learning support, including counselling and therapy, to students who are in need. Our therapists also work alongside teachers to maximize student support in the classroom and to create ongoing opportunities for social and emotional learning. We also have a partnership with an external service provider, The Care Junction, who provide on site Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy.

I think the the community meetings the children have are fantastic. We as a family believe firmly that community awareness and community responsibility is one of the core fundamentals in society. Without a strong community, society in itself will fold. Therefore, the fact that Nova Pioneer encourages our children to be responsible and caring and giving, is probably the MOST noteworthy experience.

Grant Son, Nova Pioneer Parent

We decided on Nova Pioneer because we loved the concept of the enquiry-based learning as well as how the school is so committed to nurturing children into becoming young adults who think rigorously about the future of the world. My daughter has grown by leaps and bounds during her tenure at Nova Pioneer. She is very innovative and has become a go-getter which makes me so proud. Nova Pioneer is a great school.

Joco Solomons, Nova Pioneer Parent

The small classroom sizes was what initially drew us to Nova Pioneer. The idea of our child receiving individual attention was an attractive offering. We have enjoyed the Friday Exploration day feedback sessions where parents get to interact with the students and get an understanding of what they do during the sessions and what they have learned throughout the term. The Nova Pioneer learning approached has had a positive influence on my child's curiosity, always questioning and trying to understand life skills.

Shaneel Nunkha, Nova Pioneer Parent
Gary Gwenhure
Gary Gwenhure, Admissions Associate

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All of our teachers undergo rigorous training before ever teaching a class at Nova, and this professional development continues throughout the year. Our learning team comes from some of the best schools in Kenya, and around the world.The Nova approach to teaching and learning is not what you find at other 8-4-4 schools.

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