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Independent Candidates Looking for a Cambridge Examination Venue

Are you a student studying the Cambridge curriculum through a home-based learning platform and looking for a Cambridge examinations venue in the Johannesburg area? We at Nova Pioneer recognise that there may be a shortage of examination venues and would like to help. We provide, when space allows and on a first come-first served basis, a well-equipped, stress free space to accommodate students for the writing of examinations only. Below are what we offer and the fees.

We offer entries in the following subjects (however space is limited): NB if your child chooses to do a subject with a practical component at AS Level, we strongly encourage your child to enroll as a student with us, as we cannot accommodate private candidates in our practical preparation prior to the examinations being written. Do not register your child for an AS science practical if they do not have prior experience in science practicals.



  • English First Language | Afrikaans Second Language | isiZulu Second
  • O Level Setswana
  • Mathematics Core or Extended
  • Chemistry (alternative to practical only)
  • Physics (alternative to practical only)
  • Biology (alternative to practical only)
  • Geography
  • History
  • Business Studies
  • Computer Science
  • Art and Design

AS/ A Level

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Chemistry (practical space available)
  • Physics (practical space available)
  • Biology (practical space available)
  • Geography
  • History
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Art and Design

The entry process


Once you have decided whether you would like to enter your children for the examinations through us, you will need to fill out the following form: Private candidate entries. Also, download, print and sign the agreement and return to B. Mackenzie at We will not proceed with entries before this signed agreement has been received. We will then create preliminary entries for your child and send you a statement of entries for checking. Once checks are completed by you and any changes communicated back to us, we will then send you an invoice for total examination and administration fees, along with an email providing instructions on how to pay.

In order to streamline payment, we use the Nedbank Karri app. Only once full payment is confirmed, will final submission of entries to Cambridge be confirmed. If payment is not received by the Cambridge submission deadline, your child’s entries will be withdrawn. The entry deadline for the June sitting is mid-February, and for the November sitting, mid-August. Exact dates vary year to year. Late entries will incur Cambridge-imposed late entry penalties. 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the examination period we will send out a final timetable and candidate expectations. All examinations will be written at our Ormonde campus. You are welcome to arrange a visit before the time to familiarise yourselves with the setup.


The fees* we charge are as follows:


The Cambridge examination fee per subject (exchange rate dependent)
○ IGCSE: GBP 48.30
○ AS or A2: GBP 54.45
○ Full A Level in one exam sitting: GBP 80.05

* Valid until September 2025

We also charge an administration fee of R475 per examination to cover the costs of administration, venue use, invigilation, and courier costs to the United Kingdom.

If a student elects to write an AS practical examination in one of the sciences we charge an additional R375 lab access fee that incorporates chemicals and equipment usage. We do not provide lab coats or safety goggles to private candidates. Please bring your own to the session. An additional fee of R375 is also charged for Art and Design practical examinations due to the expense of couriering works to the UK.

An admin fee of R215 per request will also be applied to any post-examination requests e.g. results enquiries.

Please note: We will cater for our own students first and any space still available, we will offer to private candidates. We are not a tutoring center and cannot offer services related to such e.g. private tutoring, access to resources, study space, careers guidance etc. If you would like to enroll your child as a student please go to the Nova Pioneer Secondary School site and click on apply now.


Contact details


If you have any further queries about our Cambridge examination venue offering, please contact Basil Mackenzie at

The deadline for entries for October/ November 2024 is 1 August 2024.

Get in touch

Want to know more about our school, fees and extracurricular? Send us your contact details and someone from our brand and admissions office will get in touch.