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Class of 2023 at Nova Pioneer Ormonde High School

Class of 2023 at Nova Pioneer Ormonde High School encapsulates the essence of global changemakers, leaders and innovators who will shape the African Century. Under the supervision, guidance and unwavering support form their Leadership and Innovation teacher, Miss SA Mpila. The class of 2023 left a groundbreaking legacy at Nova Pioneer Schools of being the first group of grade 12s to proudly own a Matric Jacket.

Students embarked on an inspiring journey to accomplish what was deemed impossible by their predecessors. They formed a Matric Jacket Committee to voice out the ideas, design, mission and vision for their Matric Jacket, on behalf of all the grade 12s. Class of 2023 presented their ideas to The Nova Pioneer’s Marketing department, in a Shark Tank Pitch. It was pivotal that the design of the jacket aligned with the brand image of the school. Therefore, it was necessary to present this concept to the Marketing department.

The Marketing Department was blown away by the preparation, research, and presentational skills the Matric Jacket Committee delivered in their compelling pitch. Class of 2023 were rewarded for their hard work with a stamp of approval to produce their very own customized Matric Jackets. Majority of the costs were covered by Nova Pioneer Schools reducing the costs for parents with intent of making it affordable for all parents to buy for their children. As a result every grade 12 student received a Matric Jacket.

At Nova Pioneer Schools we strive at equipping our students with efficient project management, dynamic leadership, innovation, and effective relationship management skills. The Class of 2023 are a representation of what we strive for; they embody grit, resourcefulness, ambition, setting high expectations, greater togetherness and servant leadership.

“Nova Pioneer Ormonde High School, Class of 2023, I salute all your breathtaking accomplishments and always continue to be global changemakers. Remember, the world is your Oyster” – Miss SA Mpila

What the Jackets mean to the Class 2023 Students

The schools head boy Rapelang Msizi mentioned that “hopefully it acts as a visual representation to the coming grades of what can be achieved of we all work together.”

“Matric Jackets will always remind me of the sheer power of a team working together to achieve a common goal.”- Arjun Thulisie

“It has shown me as an individual that I can do anything I put my mind to and that collectively we as a group can accomplish anything “.- Lliam Stewart

“We couldn’t have done it without the help of the Marketing Department and Miss Mpila, who we love and appreciate for getting us to this point”- Kewell Moodley

“The matric jacket to me serves as a souvenir, it gives me a sense of belonging not only as part of the 2023 Matriculants but as part of Nova”-Nkosinathi Xaba

“It represents change. It sets an example for the 2024 matric group and all the rest that follow, that new traditions can be started”-Kgatlhego

“To me they symbolize the hard work throughout the five years, they act as a reward for the relentless attempt to get them”- Jabez Davis

“We have worked side-by-side together, embarked on a challenge, and carried out our culture principles of Servant leadership and Greater together in this journey. The MD jackets that have been made were truly one of the greatest moments achieved as a Class of 23”- Uthando Mkhwanazi

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