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Give your child a head start and save!

Join Nova Pioneer by 2 September 2024 for the 2024 academic year and we’ll waive your enrolment fee. This offer will apply to all grades (R2 200 Tots-Grade 00; R3 900 Grades R-7; R4 500 Grades 8 and above) across all the Nova Pioneer schools across Johannesburg. 


  • The campaign will run from 2 April 2024 until 2 September 2024 
  • The incentive (100% of the enrolment fee waived in 2024) will only be awarded to students who enrol before or on 2 September 2024 in time for the commencement of term 3, Wednesday, 4 September 2024. No students who enrol after this date will be eligible for this incentive.
  • In order to qualify for this incentive, a student’s spot will need to be fully secured by 2 September 2024 (the full enrolment process needs to be complete – assessment, documentation and affordability checks).
  • Qualification for this offer is provisional on space availability in the requested grade – spaces are limited – as well as all other admissions requirements being completed in full.
  • Confirmed enrolment at Nova Pioneer will be subject to all admissions requirements. We draw your attention to the following specific requirements:
    • Space being available in the requested grade
    • An entry assessment completed to establish grade readiness for required grades
    • An affordability assessment completed with financial clearance for admission granted. 
    • Admission of all required documentation. 
  • The discount will be applied to the enrolment fee specific to the grade only and cannot be transferable to offset school fees or any other additional cost e.g. aftercare, extra-curricular programs.
    • R2 200 Tots to Grade 00
    • R3 900 Grade R to Grade 7
    • R4 500 Grade 8 and above
  • The discount will not be applied should you have a sibling at Nova Pioneer who has an account in arrears at the time of enrolment.
  • The offer is non-transferrable and cannot be substituted for cash or a refund/credit.
  • Nova Pioneer staff do not qualify.
  • Should a student receive a Nova Pioneer bursary or scholarship or any other discount (with exception of a sibling discount and referral discount), the student will not be eligible for this incentive.

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