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Health and Safety at Nova Pioneer

Students, teachers staff, 3rd parties and even parents, you have access to our beautiful schools daily but ever wondered how we go about ensuring that your time on our campuses is a happy and safe one?


Well, that responsibility falls on the big shoulders of Nova Pioneer’s Health and Safety compliance officers who work behind the scenes to make that a reality.


Health and safety are the activities related to ensuring the wellbeing of all persons that are present on our school grounds. 


Health and Safety touch on physical as well as emotional wellbeing, and it makes this field very rewarding yet challenging at the same time. However, we at Nova Pioneer take our responsibilities in this regard very seriously and have instituted a formal health and safety program throughout our network of schools. 


Health and Safety at Nova Pioneer is governed by the following policies and these documents form the basis of all our health and safety practices at all Nova Pioneer schools.


  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Emergency Management Plan
  • Health & Safety Procedures


In addition, each school has a fully functioning Health and Safety Committee, who are charged with the day-to-day management of health and safety risks at individual campuses. This speeds up decision-making processes and mitigation of risk, on the ground, as it arises.


All schools report once per term on the status of compliance on issues that have arisen during the term. This, in turn, is collated into a report to the Nova Pioneer Managing Director on the overall state of compliance with the standard of health and safety across the network.


In a follow up to this article, we will share some of the specific activities we engage in to ensure that we manage the health and safety of all Novaneers responsibly.


Click here to read more on our Nova Pioneer policy documents


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