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Healthy Lunchbox ideas for school

A healthy, balanced lunch box gives children ‘bounce’ for the playground and brainpower for the classroom. Healthy lunches and snacks are important for children, so it’s worth putting in a little thought about what you send them off to school with. A healthy lunchbox will:

  • Give them sustained energy to concentrate and learn at school
  • Help set healthy eating habits for them in the future
  • Mean they have healthy food while they’re at school – where they spend a third of their day

It’s also important to remember that the quality of food you give your child is more important than the quantity. Children need foods that are rich in nutrients such as protein, healthy sources of fat, fibre and vitamin and minerals while drinking plenty of water. These nutrients will help to give children sustained energy. When these nutrients are removed (which is common in many processed foods and sugary drinks) the food is broken down quickly and causes a quick and short release of sugar and energy in the body, leading to a crash in energy.  This crash will leave children feeling tired and unmotivated to learn at school.

A healthy lunchbox should consist of at least one item from the five food groups — bread and cereals, vegetables, fruit, dairy and meat (or meat alternatives). This will give your child a variety of nutritious foods to keep them satisfied and energised.

Here are some suggestions for packing school lunch boxes with nutritious food that your kids will love. Stay healthy Novaneers!





  • Jigsaw sandwich — egg mashed with mayo, cucumber, lettuce, wholemeal bread (crusts removed)
  • Cheese cubes (about 6-8) with cherry tomatoes (with fun kids’ toothpicks)
  • Small banana * 3 frozen pineapple rings
  • A handful of mini pretzels (25g)
  • High-fiber muesli bar





  • Falafel (or meatball) pita pocket — wholemeal pita pocket (halved), 3 store-bought falafels (halved), cucumber, tomato, lettuce, hummus
  • Trail mix — 30g mixed dried fruit, 1 cup plain popcorn, 2 teaspoons chocolate chips
  • Rainbow fruit skewers — blueberries, watermelon, grapes, pineapple
  • Mini round of cheese with 10 wholegrain rice crackers





  • Ham or chicken, cheese and salad wrap — 1 wholegrain wrap, 40-50g shaved ham or chicken, grated cheese, grated carrot, mixed lettuce
  • Orange — quartered, skin on
  • High-fibre muesli bar (store-bought), cut into 4-5 bite-sized pieces
  • Hard-boiled egg ‘chicks’ — egg halved, eyes and nose made with carrots and raisins
  • Frozen yoghurt tub




  • Tuna and crackers — 4 wholegrain crackers, 95g can flavoured tuna, mini fork
  • Trio of veggies and dip — about 1 cup sugar snap peas, carrot sticks, red capsicum sticks, a small tub of hummus (about 2-3 tablespoons)
  • Mandarin / Nectarine 
  • Small tub of flavoured yoghurt





  • Chicken burritos — grilled chicken, grated cheese, salsa, salad leaves, 2 mini tortillas
  • Heart-shaped pikelets — 4 mini pikelets with cream cheese and fresh strawberries sandwiched together
  • A mix of diced fresh fruit  (around 1 cup total)
  • Sliced cheese and Marmite on 4 wholegrain crackers
  • Frozen two fruits tub



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