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How to refer a family to Nova Pioneer

Nova Pioneer parents share in our mission of building the next generation of innovators and leaders and thus, we look to them to help us find more families who share our vision and values. This is because we believe in building a community of like-minded people who want to come along for the journey, and share in our story, as we continue to expand our offering throughout South Africa.

Once your child is enrolled at Nova Pioneer, you become part of our supportive and passionate community – a group of parents from all walks of life – who all contribute to our school in various ways for the betterment of our students’ education. It is through this community that our school Culture Principles come alive, even at home. 


Benefits of growing our community

At Nova Pioneer, we know how important it is to build community. Who better to help us do this than our very own parents? As an existing Nova Pioneer parent, you could qualify for a referral discount (R3500 off your tuition for a period of one year) when you refer a parent and they successfully enrol their child at any of our Nova Pioneer campuses.


What does “Successful Enrolment” look like: 

Step 1: Current family/ parent talks to a friend and tells them about Nova Pioneer.

Step 2: The prospective parent completes an online application form and in the ‘how did you hear about us’ section, they select ‘referred by a current parent’ and write the full name of the parent and student who referred them. We can only identify the family that referred you if they give us your first and last name.

Step 3: The prospective parent attends a Nova Pioneer event and the learner completes, and passes, an assessment. 

Step 4: The prospective parent, who is very excited about Nova Pioneer, then completes all online forms and submits required documentation before our Finance Team completes the affordability check and gives go-ahead for enrolment fee payment.

Step 5: The prospective parent then pays the grade-relevant enrolment fee to secure their child’s spot. 

Step 6: The referral is then flagged to our Finance Team, who will pick up the name from the original application, and ensure your account reflects the referral discount once the student has started.


Which parents are eligible for the R3500 discount? 

  • When the parent applies to Nova Pioneer via our website, they must state that they were referred to by you (name and surname) when they complete the ‘how did you hear about us’ section.  
  • The referred parent needs to successfully enrol at Nova Pioneer by completing the full admissions process (detailed below).
  • Referred students cannot have a sibling currently or previously enrolled at Nova Pioneer. 
  • The referral discount is awarded to the youngest child – if you have only one child at Nova Pioneer, that child will receive the discount. 
  • You will be entitled to a R3500 discount per referral. 
  • If you are not yet an enrolled parent, you ONLY qualify for this discount once you have confirmation of enrolment.
  • The discount is non-transferable and cannot be substituted for cash or a refund.
  • The referral discount will not be applied should the student account be in arrears at the point in time that the discount is allocated.
  • This discount is awarded per enrolled student that is referred, up to five students (or a maximum tuition discount of R17500)
  • Nova Pioneer staff do not qualify.
  • Terms and conditions apply.


Get in touch

Want to know more about our school, fees and extracurricular? Send us your contact details and someone from our brand and admissions office will get in touch.