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Keeping Fees Accessible, a Key Priority at Nova Pioneer

Did you know that Nova Pioneer is a Cambridge accredited institution? Did you know that Nova Pioneer parents pay a fraction of the cost of most private schools offering the Cambridge Curriculum in South Africa? 

This is because one of the school’s imperatives is to keep fees accessible to the greatest number of families without compromising on the quality of education received at all its campuses.


A growing network

Nova Pioneer currently operates 13 schools across both East and South Africa. Every year Nova Pioneer grows its network so that it can serve more students, progressively working towards actualising the mission of developing generations of innovators and leaders who will shape the African century.  

Nova Pioneer’s vision is to do that through a large scale network of excellent and accessible schools that educate 100,000+ students across Africa. 


Our Vision Imperatives: The Vision Triangle

Three imperatives are embedded at the heart of our vision: (1) we must deliver exceptional quality to our students; (2) we must scale rapidly to reach more students; and (3) we must keep our fees accessible to the greatest number of families. 

These goals have also shaped our organisational structure in several ways. 


We are a social enterprise, a “for-purpose, for-profit”

We are for-purpose because we exist only to pursue our mission, not for money. At the same time, we know from decades of experience that money is the greatest impediment to spreading great education across Africa. 

The for-profit element of our structure enables us to raise the large amount of funding we need to rapidly scale; it is very difficult to secure enough purely philanthropic financing to fuel our vision. 


We have highly consistent practices across our entire network of schools

Our goal is for students to have largely the same experience whether they are studying in Lagos or Johannesburg or Nairobi. 

This focus on consistency is critical to enabling us to provide high quality even as we grow rapidly – new schools can rely on existing tools and rigorously designed and tested curriculum rather than building from scratch. 

And, it helps us provide that exceptional quality at a lower cost.

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