How learning to code can benefit your development as an educator
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Should Primary School Educators Learn to Code?

How learning to code can benefit your development as an educator

Preschoolers are digital natives, they don’t know a life without smartphones, tablets, and computers or cartoons on demand. Technology has changed our way of life including preschool games.

Coding isn’t just for computer whizzes or high school students – when introduced the right way is a fun interactive (and hands-on) way to learn the critical skills needed to prepare your students for a successful future in the tech world.



Bridging the Gap

Preschool educators who learn how to code can bridge the gap that still exists between the adult digital immigrants and the digital native children. Learning to code can help educators, parents and students who are not interested in pursuing computer programming, but would like to gain a better understanding of technology and how it’s shaping our world.

If preschool educators learn to code, they can show their own young learners how to master problem-solving skills by breaking larger tasks into a logical sequence of smaller steps, diagnosing errors and coming up with new approaches when necessary.


Teacher pointing out information to a student on a laptop


Five Reasons Educators Should Learn to Code:

  1. Coding helps teach you problem-solving skills.
  2. Coding helps you develop new ways of thinking by breaking up big problems into smaller steps.
  3. Coding helps take the fear out of making mistakes or failing. It teaches persistence in finding a way to solve your problem.
  4. Coding is fun and learning to code should be hands-on and collaborative
  5. As a 21st Century skill, it is an opportunity to help prepare children for the digital future and inspire their creativity.

Bonus: This generation of kids is the most diverse, mobile generation ever. They immerse themselves in content, not just as consumers, but as creators. Through your newly learned skill in coding, you can fuel your learners’ creative confidence, self-expression, and curiosity.

We recently hosted preschool educators who experienced the joy of learning coding skills which they will teach to their little students. The program was a fun and interactive workshop which explored subjects such as how to teach coding, coding applications and more. The preschool educators who participated in the program were very happy to discover how easy it is to learn coding. They believe coding is a necessary skill that would add value to the future development of their learners.


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