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Celebrating Nova Pioneer's Matriculating Class of 2020

Please join us in celebrating and congratulating our Nova Pioneer Ormonde Secondary students and teammates following the release of the Cambridge results for our students.

Our Grade 11, 12 and 13 students (at our Nova Pioneer Ormonde Campus) recently received their Cambridge IGCSE, AS and A-Level exam results respectively, concluding many months of preparation and many years of hard work. Cambridge qualifications are internationally recognised, opening doors for Nova Pioneer  students to universities in South Africa and worldwide. We are proud to be one of a few South African schools that offer the Cambridge Curriculum.


From surviving to thriving

Without a doubt, our secondary students demonstrated a high level of commitment during the last year, despite the unprecedented disruption and uncertainty presented by the challenges brought about by COVID-19 last year. We are extremely grateful to the teaching and support teams who have drawn on their extensive teaching and coaching experience to support all students through this immensely difficult time. The resilience shown by our Nova Pioneer Ormonde Secondary teachers and students is a true demonstration of how we live out our culture principles of High Expectations and Always Growing.


Exceeding the International Average

Our Grade 12 and 13 students earned a wide range of result outcomes with 50% of the 2020 class achieving aggregates of B or A symbols. We also saw 100% of those who wrote their A-Levels go on to obtain their National Senior Certificate – officially matriculating. Notable achievements also include seeing our matriculating class of 2020 exceeding Cambridge’s global average aggregate in various subjects including English, Business and History. Of those who tested, 63% and 65% achieved A-C aggregates for History and Business Studies, respectively, relative to the Global average aggregates of 45% and 50%, respectively


Cambridge International IGCSE Results

We would like to take this opportunity to also shine a spotlight on our future graduates who completed their IGCSE examinations in 2020. We saw 75% of all papers receive A – C symbols. The 2020 IGCSE class obtained 38 A symbols and 71 B symbols. Of the 38 A symbols, 9 were A* – indicating 90% or above. A wonderful achievement considering how disruptive the 2020 year was, and an indicator that the Class of 2021, will be well prepared for success!

The IGCSEs represent the end of the Cambridge Upper Secondary curriculum. More importantly, in the South African context, IGCSEs are critical examinations because success at this level will be combined with students’ performance at the Cambridge Advanced Level (AS or A Level) in order to be eligible for a Matric Exemption, which is the minimum requirement for eligibility to apply to universities. 


Not the end of the journey

Too many schools see their job as developing “smart kids” and focus narrowly on building a student’s knowledge base and academic skills. While that is critically important, Nova Pioneer holds itself accountable to a more holistic “Vision of a Novaneer”: we want to deeply develop our students’ character, capabilities and connection.  We define our success based on a larger set of longer-term goals; we expect our students to excel in exams and attend great universities, build innovations and art, launch new companies, and impact their communities. Ultimately, we want our students to become shapers of a world they envision rather than takers of the world they inherit. We are very proud of all our students and wish them well as they transition into the next stage of their lives.


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