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Nova Pioneer Fosters Positive Behaviour From An Early Age

At Nova Pioneer we believe that the objective of discipline is to encourage awareness, and that discipline, rather than punishment, should focus on inclusive methods of communication, reinforcement, and modeling. Above all, we want to create a warm and supportive environment in which children can grow, learn, and learn to love learning. A case in point, Nova Pioneer Ormonde refers to an affirmation mirror, which our young Novaneers use to modulate and learn about their emotions. They make affirmations by looking in the mirror and expressing something positive about oneself; it does not have to be physical characteristics, but it might be something about their personality, for example, “ I am intelligent” or “I am kind”.

According to Nova Pioneer’s pre-primary senior resident teacher, Asmaa Khan, “When we encounter challenging behaviour, we must establish why, what the child is attempting to communicate, and how we may assist the child. Our role as adults are to assist the child in communicating their feelings and guiding the child toward a constructive resolution of the problem.”

In situations like these, Nova Pioneer teachers are trained to take a supportive rather than punitive approach to build strong bonds of trust so that our Novaneers develop a sense of accountability from early childhood. Understanding the impact of one’s actions (positive or negative) is an important part of early childhood development. The Reggio Emilia approach which our curriculum is founded on facilitates this level of consciousness. 

Our teachers (all of whom are required to be certified) can encourage positive conduct by rewarding good behaviour using our positive reinforcement model. This stems from an understanding that our tots have a constant need for validation, and that “misbehaviour” is a cry for attention, so when “misbehaviour” occurs, it is also important to reflect on what we as caregivers are not adequately providing. (This applies at home as well!). The positive reinforcement model is heavily reliant on communication and consistency-verbal or physical rewards for appropriate and responsible behaviour create an appreciation for appropriate and responsible behaviour and an awareness of the opposite.

We value the relationship that we have with our parents. Teachers and caregivers are encouraged to develop relationships with Novaneer parents through day-to-day engagements during drop-off and pick-up times as well as staying accessible to parents when needed. This collaborative relationship also assists in ensuring that the home and school environment is helping our Novaneers get the best out of themselves and behaviours that could be harmful (or good) are monitored and handled accordingly. 

Nova Pioneer strives to create a community that continues with our learners from the start of their school career until they graduate. Our school philosophy is developed to ensure the success of every child who passes through our doors; we want them to be major actors in any setting they inhabit during and after their time at Nova Pioneer. (As we say, once a Novaneer, always a Novaneer!). 

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