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Nova Pioneer Pre-Primary 2023: More Added-Value, More Affordable

At Nova Pioneer, we understand the significance and impact of high-quality pre-primary education. We are thrilled to share some exciting news regarding our Tots (2 turning 3) to Grade 1 offering at Nova Pioneer. 

In response to the needs and expectations of Novaneers in our community –  namely, affordable and quality pre-primary care and education, we have introduced some positive changes to our younger grades –  we have reviewed our pricing and offering and, from 2023, we will be bringing you the same quality Pre-Primary and Grade 1 education at more affordable and accessible prices.


What Changes? What is Added?


  1. A significant reduction in the tuition for Tots – Grade 1 (up to 20% tuition reduction in 2023*)
  2. More flexibility for families (especially those who work!): A ‘regular dismissal’ day or full day option for our Tots, Grade 000 and 00 students. (Regular dismissal times will vary slightly from school to school).
  3. For our Tots, Grade 000 and 00 families, a full day added-value option: Includes free aftercare at NovaCare, with a meal, snack and beverage provided.  


Excited? Share the love!


At Nova Pioneer, we know how important it is to build community. Who better to help us do this than our very own parents? As an existing Nova Pioneer parent, you could qualify for a referral discount (R3500 off your tuition for a period of one year) when you refer a parent and they successfully enrol their child at any of our Nova Pioneer campuses. 


Want to know more? 


We’d love to chat with you and share more about this exciting change to our offering. Reach out to for more information.

*Terms and conditions apply



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