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Nova Pioneer Students Exceed Global Benchmarks in Cambridge A-Levels

Nova Pioneer Ormonde Senior Campus is buzzing with excitement as students celebrate yet another year of outstanding results in their Cambridge A-Level examinations. With an impressive 83% of Nova Pioneer’s graduating class achieving University Exemptions, the school has reason to be proud. Notably, Nova Pioneer students surpassed global subject pass averages in English, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Business, and History. As a pan-African independent school group, Nova Pioneer is dedicated to providing world-class education from preschool to secondary levels, offering internationally accredited Cambridge curriculum and examinations.


Academic Excellence


The A-Level year at Nova Pioneer is an equivalent to Grade 13, allowing students to pursue a world-recognized exit qualification. It widens their university prospects both locally and internationally while providing an opportunity to improve their options based on previous IGCSE and AS-level performances. Theuns Opperman, the school leader for Nova Pioneer Ormonde Secondary, expressed his pride in the students’ achievements, highlighting the “Always Growing” culture principle that Nova Pioneer embodies. He emphasized the students’ dedication, tenacity, and the unwavering support and inspiration provided by their teachers.

Chief of Schools, Rahel Wondwossen, praised the Grade 13 class of 2022 for their commitment and hard work. She commended both students and teachers for their exceptional results, recognizing the dedication and perseverance that paved the way for their successful futures. Wondwossen emphasized Nova Pioneer’s aim to equip students with the best academic qualifications and a lifelong love of learning, thereby improving their life opportunities.


Student Success Stories


Among the top performers, Andrew Williamson, who will be attending Stellenbosch University, expressed his excitement about the newfound independence and the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and unlikely friends at university. Sinovuyo Titi highlighted her personal growth in adapting to uncomfortable situations, acknowledging the importance of navigating challenges with a “Solutions First” mindset. Isabel Enechi, who achieved outstanding results in English and Maths, reflected on her understanding of herself and how it contributed to her success in achieving her goals.


Preparation for Life Beyond School


Nova Pioneer places great importance on supporting students as they transition beyond school. The Post School Success (PSS) Team and the school’s Psycho-social Support Team play crucial roles in equipping students with practical tools for life after school. The PSS Team assists students in understanding their options, benefits, and challenges, while the psycho-social support team provides personalized assessments and career guidance based on individual talents and skills. Nova Pioneer students leave the institution feeling confident about their future pursuits, whether it be pursuing higher education, launching businesses, or other paths.


Continued Engagement and Alumni Network


The journey of a Nova Pioneer student does not end with their exit examinations. The school maintains an active and networked pan-African Alumni community, ensuring ongoing engagement and support for students beyond their time at Nova Pioneer. This network provides a platform for collaboration, mentorship, and continued growth as students transition into the next phase of their lives.

Nova Pioneer’s Ormonde Senior Campus has once again demonstrated its commitment to academic excellence with exceptional Cambridge A-Level results. Students have surpassed global benchmarks, laying the foundation for their future academic and professional endeavors. Nova Pioneer’s emphasis on supporting students in their post-school journey and nurturing a love for learning ensures that they leave with the necessary qualifications and skills to thrive in the African Century.

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