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Students Celebrate Cultural Diversity

Our Nova Pioneer campuses recently hosted a ‘Love your Mother Tongue’ event, aimed at observing and celebrating cultural diversity through various languages. Students were encouraged to speak their mother tongue and encourage their peers to do the same. 


Learning about our roots

Both schools recognise the importance for their learners to grow up knowing their individual identities, including appreciating and learning their mother tongues. This initiative not only encouraged students to share their languages but to also learn new languages. Celebrations unfolded at both campuses in the form of music, dance, poetry and storytelling by the Novaneers, their parents, as well as teachers. 

We know humans thrive by means of diversity incorporated with unique identities; the more we learn about each other and celebrate our uniqueness as well as richness, the stronger we become as a community. The sentiment expressed by our learners resoundingly was, “It was fun celebrating our mother tongue!” 



Sharing is caring

Our school strives to ensure that learners understand that most values, beliefs, and identities are embedded within the various languages. As a school, we hope to create many more opportunities to celebrate and embrace our diversity and part of it is ensuring that learners, parents, and teachers are equally enthusiastic about all our initiatives.

It is through our languages that we are able to share and transmit our experiences, our traditions and our knowledge and to share it confidently in an open platform strengthens not only one’s confidence in who they are but grants them an opportunity to be open-minded and considerate of others. Through such initiatives, Nova Pioneer hopes to impact its learners’ minds as well as their hearts.



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