Post-School Success is a programme designed to leverage different stakeholders in a Nova Pioneer student’s ecosystem to facilitate a student’s exploration and understanding of themselves.

What is Post-School Success at Nova Pioneer?

Post-School Success is a programme designed to leverage different stakeholders in a Nova Pioneer student’s ecosystem to facilitate a student’s exploration and understanding of themselves.

Nova Pioneer places high value on students’ post-secondary school success. Many elements  can impact a student’s ability to succeed after completing high school. We want to ensure that students perform well academically and ensure that they feel supported and prepared to succeed beyond Nova Pioneer. To that effect, we recently established a Post-School Success (PSS) Team, which has developed a programme to provide all students with personalised guidance on exploring post-secondary options. Our PSS programme is a unique offering available to all senior students at the secondary school level.


We help answer the question, “What options do I have after school?”

Today’s students have an exceptional array of options available to them after completing high school, but the path to post-secondary success is filled with uncertainty and challenges — both for young people and the adults who support them. As the parent of a teen who is about to complete their secondary education, you may wonder what options your child will have after high school. 


Introducing our Post-School Success Programme

The Post-School Success (PSS) programme empowers students to take charge of their post-school exploration and planning. The PSS Team’s priority is to ensure that students feel supported by their parents/guardians and Nova Pioneer throughout this explorative process and helps students cultivate multiple opportunities to pursue after graduation

The PSS programme is led by a team who collectively have extensive  experience in helping African students gain access to tertiary education with financial aid and helping them develop the life and pre-professional skills necessary to take advantage of post-school opportunities.

Post-School Success programming begins in Grade 10, to ensure that each student has ample time to thoughtfully consider their next steps and take full advantage of the resources available through the Nova Pioneer network.



Exploring the option to study further?

The most common pathway after high school is enrolling in a University or College. The Post-School Success Team helps students considering this option to answer questions that they may have about the application process what educational programmes are available, and which will best prepare them to achieve their goals. The PSS Team also supports students by alerting them to pre-university academic enrichment opportunities and helping them complete applications, as well as supporting them to prepare for the standardized testing required for their pathway of choice. 



Pursuing other paths 

While pursuing a tertiary degree is the best route for some, university is not the only pathway to success for Nova Pioneer students. Some may want a break from academics before they continue with full-time study,  and for some high school graduates, pursuing work experience instead of attending college is the best way forward. There are several reasons why students may consider pursuing other options, which include practical training or work and/or taking a gap year to reconnect with the community through volunteering or to develop a new skills such as computer coding. The Post School Success team is there to guide students toward making the best decision for them, their families, and their future.


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