The Cambridge Curriculum

The educational cornerstones that our school’s curriculum is based on  Academics, Personal Development Programmes, Culture, Coding and Entrepreneurial Skill Development. 

Academic: ‘Education for tomorrow’s world’ – Real-world ready
Nova Pioneer offers the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) curriculum. The Cambridge Curriculum is designed to teach students how to learn and to go on learning. Our role goes beyond helping students achieve good results, and beyond giving students passports for progression to university or employment. We give our students a curriculum that will bring lifelong success in tomorrow’s world. Currently, Nova Pioneer offers the Cambridge curriculum in:

  • Primary
  • Lower Secondary
  • Upper Secondary IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)
  • Advanced International AS (Advanced Subsidiary) and A (Advanced) Levels

Nova Pioneer Cambridge Pathway:

  1. Secondary 1 – Grade 8
  2. IGCSE – Grade 9 & Grade 10
  3. AS – Grade 11 & Grade 12
  4. A-Levels (Option for some students) – Grade 13

Subject Offering:

  • Grade 8: Core Skills (Languages, Maths, Science)
  • Grade 9-10 (IGCSE): Languages, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Computer Science, Business Studies
  • Choice of 5 from Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Art & Design, History, Geography, Computer Science, Business Studies
  • Grade 11-12 (AS): English + Three or Four
  • Grade 13 (A-levels) Any three

The AS level (Advanced Subsidiary) is the first stage of A levels and has replaced the HIGCSE course. Cambridge A-Levels are welcomed at the world’s leading universities. Cambridge IGCSE, AS Level, and A Levels are recognised locally by the South African Matriculation Board for entrance into South African Universities. In order to comply with the requirements for Matric Exemption, certain subject groupings are required. We will guide our students in their subject choices to ensure compliance with the Matriculation Board’s requirements should they intend going on to university.

Hallmark Programmes

This is an interdisciplinary learning area that orientates students to engage in a personal development journey towards becoming innovators and leaders. The Hallmark Programmes are concerned with developing knowledge about the self and skills that will enable young people to engage socially, to be responsible citizens, and to live healthy and productive lives. This includes components such as Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), Leadership, Projects, and Post-School Success (PSS).


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